Access Health organises Startup Bootcamp to equip the SEA members technically on NDHB

Startup Bootcamp

In an endeavour to educate healthcare tech startups on how to adopt standards pertaining to National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) to bolster the digital infrastructure of the Indian healthcare delivery system, the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator (SEA) Startup Bootcamp was organised recently in Pune.


The Boot Camp was organised by Access Health Digital and National Resource Centre for EHR Standards (NRCeS) as a Knowledge partner. Technical architects and functional leads of 22 plus digital startups and HIS companies were among the participants.

A total of 22 startups which deal in various facets of healthcare from disease management to software, hardware and AI products, attended the camp.

Talking about the objective of the workshop, Dr Pankaj Gupta, Head Digital Health, Access Health International said, “Purpose of the camp is to run an accelerator programme, to speed up the implementation of National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) in the market. We have 22 plus digital startups and established HIS vendors to implement the standards.”


Elaborating more about the initiative, he said, “We have designed minimum product definitions, which are building blocks, based on the standards. We are educating them how to use it to the compliance of the standards.”

“We are trying to support startup communities because they form an important part of the healthcare ecosystem who are willing to change and adopt the standards that are recommended by the government, National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB). Through this workshop, we are trying to mentor them technically, so that they can build the standard deep into the design,” Priyanka Yadav, Senior Digital Health Specialist said.

Responding to how the conference would benefit the startups, Dr Gupta said, “We are giving them details about implementation of the standard (we call it micro service specifications). They can directly implement into their system and become compliant to the standards.”

Various important sessions including Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator (SEA) Bootcamp one “A Recap” and EHR standards and implementation support by NRCeS were also organised as there are new members that have joined the accelerator after the first bootcamp.

“We are trying to mentor startups technically and functionally both, so that we can form a collaborative healthcare ecosystem in India. We hold these multiple workshops where we break this entire NDHB specifications or implementation into pieces that can be implemented digitally. The minimum viable product definitions are designed with the healthcare-tech crossover expertise, that the MVP design is domain as well as technically rich in nature. Last time we had a workshop where we decoded NDHB–what does it mean for the industry to adopt, its various components like security, privacy, consent management etc. This is the second part of the workshop where we are trying to get into more detail of technical implementation of MVPs.” Yadav said elaborating the bootcamp.

In EHR session, National Resource Centre for EHR Standards (NRCeS) will brief what are the standards to be adopted and how NRCeS is supporting to implement the same by providing technical toolkits for the developer/vendor community, Yadav further stated.

Responding to what was the objective to join the camp, Rajendra Kurady, CEO, RTWO, a Bengaluru based Healthcare IT startup who deals in remote monitoring critical care solution ICU connect, said “Being a SEA member, we wanted to align ourselves to NDHB. We are complied with the standards, but we wanted to ensure that it progresses well and make part of next level marketplace.”

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