Elets Conference: Govt working on war footing to improve health infrastructure, says Jai Pratap Singh, Health Minister, Govt of Uttar Pradesh

Jai Pratap Singh

Uttar Pradesh has a population of 230 million. Sizable amount of population is equal to many countries in the world. We are like a country in terms of population. 60 percent of the population thrives on agriculture in the State. They need accessible and affordable healthcare and the Government is striving for the same, said Jai Pratap Singh, Minister, Medical and Health, Family Welfare, Mother and Child Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh, while delivering a speech at the Annual Healthcare Innovation Summit held in New Delhi recently.


Referring to the previous governments, he said, “Uttar Pradesh has not been managed well in the last 20 years administratively and technically to improve overall care. It becomes a little difficult to align bureaucracy with our vision. This is happening in the country as well. It makes a lot of difference in policy put up by the Government of India.”

Talking about existing infrastructure in UP, the Minister said, “We have 175 district hospitals, 853 community health centres, around 3,621 primary centres and 20,521 around sub centres. With this infrastructure in place, we try to provide the poorest of poor services who visit our centres looking for affordable and quality care. Over the years the services from doctors to patients have deteriorated for a number of reasons. It becomes frustrating at times for the doctors who don’t able to replicate things in a similar manner as they were taught in medical colleges.”


Jan Aasudi Kendra in district hospitals

Over the last two and a half years, we gave free medical services like CT scan, MRI, haemodialysis, ultrasound, digital x-ray, and cheap medicines to entire population. We have Jan Aasudi Kendra in district hospitals which makes people available good quality medicines at an affordable price. The Government ensures supply of the medicine to the lowest centres like primary and sub centres.

Trauma centres on national highways

In the wake of rising incidents of road accidents on national highways, we have opened trauma centres on almost every 50-100 kilometers on NH. We have a total of 2200 ambulances which can be availed at 102 and 108.

Skilled workforce

We have a shortage of about 7,000 doctors today. As per 2001 population census, we require 18,000 doctors but we have only 12,000. As per 2011 census and WHO standard, we should have 36,000 doctors available to provide optimum care.

In this light, the State Government has opened 29 medical colleges in last two and a half years. Out of these, 11 colleges have already started MBBS courses. Others are under construction and will be ready by 2022. With these colleges and 13 existing one, we will have 3 lakh doctors. They will help to provide inclusive care to masses.


We are also aiming to upgrade technology to enable better delivery of care. Technology on front of housekeeping, operational management, and disease related apps are being explored. We are working on telemedicine concept which will facilitate expert doctor’s advice from metro cities to a person living in remote villages. This will fill gaps on front of skilled workforce.

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