‘Offering Best Remedy for Backache’


Many people may have experienced searing pain in their back. Numerous creams and treatments proclaim about a total cure and relief from it, but very few actually have a beneficial effect. Even if it happens, that too is temporary.


Even nontraditional and non- medicinal methods have proved to be rather futile on this matter. Chronic back ache can cause a lot of discomfort and can lead to other health problems as well. Early detection and cure goes a long way in not only providing relief but also in leading a hassle free and normal life. Now a total solution of back problems is available in the form of “Back and Neck Clinic”.

Situated at the Vihaa Multi speciality hospital near Roundtana in Anna Nagar, Tamil Nadu, the Back and Neck Clinic has a unique treatment called ‘Better Back Solution’, which guarantees the highest quality chiropractic care. Leveraging modern technologies, it helps patients to reduce or eliminate back pain forever.

The back and neck clinic is a unique multi-disciplinary place for the non surgical treatment of severe back and neck pain.


Here, the most advanced techniques are available, which are put to use to increase the patient’s physical capacity and to help them return to their daily activities, work and sports. With the help of unique equipment, “DRX9000”, the clinic provides cure to its patients.

The equipment proves its worth in terms of reducing back pain in almost 86% of the patients who have undergone this treatment.

The trained personnel at the clinic includes Orthopaedicians, Physiotherapists, Patient Counsellors who specialise in neuromuscular, musculoskeletal heath and the full spectrum of comprehensive injury treatment and rehabilitation using non-invasive method of therapy, that is, without surgery.

There are abundant reasons for chronic back pain which include hectic lifestyle, active participation in sports, occupational or automobile accidents, bending, lifting, spraining etc. and also due to incorrect back posture, sitting habits, frequent and routine travelling on bumpy roads.

These cause herniated discs, bulging discs, which puts a halt in one’s daily activities and disturbs the routine. A complete solution for these problems has been found through DRX9000, which is the only FDA Approved Spinal Decompression Machine.

Here at Back and Neck Clinic, a new and better option for lower back pain treatment called Discogenic pain treatment is available. It is a combination of non-surgical spinal decompression followed by muscle stabilisation and strengthening.

A study published in the American Journal of pain management states that decompression method done with the use of DRX9000 provides excellent relief in 86% of patients with ruptured intervertebral disease and 75% of patients with facet arthosis.

Every patient completing the spinal decompression therapy experienced improvement, ranging from being completely pain-free to experiencing a substantial relief from pain, numbness or tinging.

With the available facilities and treatment at the Vihaa hospital, there is no need to silently bear back ache any more. Now those suffering from constant back and neck pain can say goodbye to the throbbing pain and welcome a painless and trouble free routine.

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