Increase New Patient Acquisition & Retention Ratios with LeadSquared

Patient Satisfaction

LeadSquared is a healthcare CRM, marketing automation and patient management solution. It has created a niche for itself and several healthcare service providers including Cloudnine, Practo, LifeCell, Apollo, Global Hospitals, OMNI Hospitals and many more which deal in various aspects of patient care, vouch for excellent work it is doing.

LeadSquared uses predictive patient insights and automaton to increase new patient acquisition and retention ratios. Call center teams, front offices, care managers, center heads, business development managers and the operations team of healthcare businesses leverage its solutions to enrich patients’ experience and doctor satisfaction.

Increase new patient acquisition ratios for your healthcare business

With LeadSquared, you’ll never miss a single new patient inquiry. You can capture patient inquiries and appointment booking requests from your website, healthcare aggregators, paid ads (all digital and traditional channels) and more.

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Inquiries via phone calls and center walk-ins can also be captured seamlessly. Application program interface (API) can be used to capture inquiries from patient portals, forms and other channels.

Automating repetitive tasks and processes help reduce new patient acquisition costs. Here are two examples of this:

• You can sync appointments from the appointment scheduling app automatically into LeadSquared, making appointment planning easy for both the doctor and care manager.

• You can map patients to doctors of their choice or the ones that best fit their requirements in terms of speciality, location, availability and many more. The distribution happens automatically as soon as the patient inquiry comes in, saving care managers’ precious time. It also ensures a faster patient response.

LeadSquared helps you increase new patient retention by ensuring a hassle- free experience on the appointment day. For example:

• Doctors and Care Managers have all the necessary information they need, to ensure a hassle-free experience for new patients on the day of their appointment – all of their interactions are recorded by tracking, and necessary records are pulled from the patient management system.

• Collecting feedback at the end of the appointment is important. Positive feedback indicates high chances of retention and referrals, whereas negative feedback can be used to better future patient experience. It can also be used to even bring back a disgruntled patient by making amendments at the right point of time.

Provide exceptional patient experience right from the start

LeadSquared ensures new patient acquisition, ‘higher appointment’ to ‘visit ratios’ and patient retention with flawless patient experience right from the first inquiry.

Reduce response time with automated, yet relevant communication on the channel of their choice – email, text messages, phone calls or patient portals (APIs and web hooks help you integrate your patient portals). You can auto-assign the patient to the “requested-for” or best-fit doctor at the desired time slot.

In addition to patient retention, it’s important for you to retain your doctors as well, and on-board them fast. LeadSquared can help you run engagement campaigns for your doctors as well. You can send not on-panel doctors’ campaigns with testimonials of other doctors but engage your existing doctors with campaigns, wishing them for important life-events, and sharing information that’ll be useful for them, like information about medical conferences and more.

Increase patient satisfaction with a responsive healthcare call center

Patients can call in for a variety of reasons – appointment booking/ rescheduling/cancellation, package inquiries, doctor availability check, feedback sharing, lab report inquiries and more. LeadSquared ensures that the inquiries get routed to the right agent with minimal wait time and that the agents are well-equipped with information to resolve all kinds of inquiries.

Once on call, the last thing your patients want is to be kept on hold, or deal with multiple call transfers when they are trying to book an appointment urgently. Avoid this by assigning calls automatically to available agents, matching queries to agents based on patients’ preferred language, exact nature of their query, location and any other criteria important to you.

To maximize response rates to patient feedback surveys, you can route the task to call center agents if the patients don’t share feedback at the center and are unresponsive to email and text requests as well

Increase the efficiency of your agents with progressive dialler. Automated dialling after each call ensures that agents don’t waste time dialling each number. Priority scoring helps line the calls up automatically so that the most urgent calls are made first.

A front-end healthcare CRM for all your teams

Call Center Teams: Access to doctors’ calendar and patient history allows call center teams to perform their tasks easily – appointment booking, cancellations, rescheduling or follow- ups for missed appointments. Front-desk Executives: It’s easy to register new patients, update their records or book appointments for walk-ins. Integrated systems also make patient feedback collection easy at check-out via mobile app or tablets.

Care + Center Managers: With operational tasks completely or partially automated (eg: appointment reminders), care managers and center heads have more time for patient experience management.

Feet-on-Street Teams: All feet- on-street teams (including doctor empanelment and new patient acquisition teams) have access to the mobile app, which plan their daily tasks and tracks task completion to ensure high productivity.

IT Teams: IT teams can easily connect all your systems (patient management system, EMRs, IVR, etc.), to ensure a smooth experience for your patients, and ease of use plus high productivity for your teams.

Doctors: In-center doctors can be given access to the LeadSquared mobile app, allowing them to check- in/check-out and view, cancel or reschedule their appointments, helping them plan their day smoothly.

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