mHealth Playing a Key Role in Patient Monitoring

Healthy relationship with physician/nurse and the patient is what every patient would look forward to. To make this happen, an effective patient monitoring system has to be in place. Patient monitoring is hence gaining traction and has been made easier with the proliferating technology trends. Today, most of the doctors are IT savvy and demanding to have a user-friendly system. Not just the doctors, even the patients and support staff of hospitals are looking for everything in a mobile device – be it services, games or apps. Hence, mHealth plays a key role in enhancing patient care.


According to the survey of Statista 2018, the percentage of internet usage from mobile phones has grown to 52.2 percent in 2018 while it was just 10.7 percent in year 2012. It clearly indicates that people now prefer using internet from their mobiles rather than personal computer. With these revolutions in place, the healthcare industry is also trying to match the pace of change to avoid being left behind. Therefore, in a healthcare environment too, it is important that the IT systems which are going to be deployed should be mobile ready, both for clinical administrators and patients.

In this regard, a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) plays a vital role in supporting the hospital to provide a quality healthcare to its patients. Aosta as an IT services company has an exclusive focus on offering Enterprise IT Solutions to the healthcare industry. Our flagship product – BackBone HIMS is a classic product conceived by doctors and architected by software professionals. With over 25 modules, it fits every functional dimension of the hospital. With the system being cloud ready and mobile compatible, it has become user friendly for both the hospital end users and the patients.

Apart from the mobile ready HIMS, Aosta also offers specialised modules and mobile apps for enhancing the patient care across various verticals as given below :


For clinicians

• EMR: A very impactful tool for the doctors to monitor patient’s health and provide consultation from anywhere. Being web based and device compatible, it can be used as a Computer on Wheel (COW) if Wi-Fi is enabled. With provisions like template based notes entry and a quick list of patients/orders/drugs, it effectively reduces the time taken for patient consultation process. It helps the doctors to view the status of the ordered tests and results of completed tests while ensuring that there is no manual intervention in posting of results. The doctor gets notified on any abnormalities in the patient’s report which thereby enhances the patient care.

• eOrders: It’s mobile app for ward in-charges to monitor the real time health trends of patient. With provisions like ordering of various services from a single window, online viewing of results, colour code indicators for patient’s special needs, etc., it aims to improve the patient-nurse relationship.

• eMAR: BackBone eMAR is available as a standalone mobile app and also as a part of eOrders. It speeds up the prescribing process and reduces the prescription errors to a large extent. The physician as well as the nurse can keep a track of prescribed and consumed medicines along with their dosage details. It makes refilling of medications as easy as the click of a mouse. It provides real-time monitoring of duplicate drug orders, missed medications, next schedule for the medication and many more. eMAR hence helps in improving patient care and workflow efficiency by supporting the six rights of medication administration: right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time and right documentation.

• Telemedicine: BackBone Telemedicine is a platform to connect the patient and the doctor. With a simple and user friendly layout, it is packed with rich features enabling the doctor to look into all information about the patient on a single screen. It helps patients to track a doctor’s availability, book appointment, create their own credentials to view all their clinical information and medical records from their own space. The doctors can use their credentials to view the waiting list of patients. Choosing a patient opens up the medical record of the patient with the window for video chat. While the doctor does the online examination on the patient, he can also raise online orders for lab, diagnostic orders and medications, record the treatment plan with primary diagnosis, monitor the previous investigation order’s result, make template based notes entry and do many more tasks.

For management

Mobile Dashboard: BackBone’s Mobile Dashboard is a management tool to track the real time performance of various branches of a hospital across various verticals from a single screen. Being a cloud based, multi-tenant and device compatible application, it enables the user to get real time information anywhere, anytime on the move. It covers the metrics across various departments like billing, lab, diagnostic, pharmacy, inventory, OT, etc. with two level drill down. By monitoring the metrics across various departments, the management can thereby improve their patient monitoring. It is available as HTML5 application as well as a mobile app.

For patients

• Patient Portal: It is an electronic vault of patient information on the cloud, which can be easily accessed by the patients anywhere anytime. A user friendly platform for patients to access their health records and to improve communication with doctors and other experts at the hospital where they are being treated. With entire family’s health records under one credential, the patients can exploit the app for booking appointments with doctors, tracking their ordered services and viewing their complete test reports, accessing bills and their previous visits, etc. Along with these provisions, the app also notifies the patients on their next follow up visit and enables the virtual consultation between the patient and doctor. Available as HTML5 application as well as a mobile app. Apart from m-Health, other technologies like AI, IOT, machine learning, wearables and remote healthcare are now playing a key role in digital transformation of healthcare ecosystem enabling a better patient care.

(Disclaimer: The writer is Abinaya of Aosta Software Technologies India Limited. Views expressed are a personal opinion.)

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