MedOnGo – Enabling People to Avail Quality Care

With Smart Health Platform and Health Kiosks, MedOnGo is catering to people of all strata. Its objective is to improve quality, and make available healthcare facilities in those places where reach of healthcare providers is minimal, says Balaji Krishnammagaru, Co- founder & MD, MedOnGo, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).


Q How do you analyse 2018 in terms of new initiatives (technology and innovations) in healthcare?

Healthcare returned to forefront in 2018. Technology is the only way to change the health seeking habits of people around the world.

Many countries including India and western world are aggressively pursuing new legislations, adopting technologies and regulating markets by standards for interoperability.


For the first time, standards like SNOMED CT, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) are getting worldwide adoption. Standards in Information Technology, Biotech, Pharma Genomics and other sectors are being normalised worldwide.

The combination of technology advances in terms of connectivity, devices, big data and artificial intelligence make the dream of predictive care and Universal Health Coverage looks real. The health seeking fundamental habit of human beings is getting changed first time in the history of mankind.

Q How do you look at 2018 in terms of your organisation’s contribution?

MedOnGo’s core objective is to improve quality, and make available medical facilities to those places where reach of healthcare providers is minimal.

MedOnGo with its Smart Health Platform and Health Kiosks\ Health ATMs touched eight million consultations. In coming month or two, we will touch 10 million landmarks. MedOnGo has spread from Assam to Tamil Nadu in India while it has plans to expand to markets like Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Canada, and the United States.

Q In the light of increasing role of technological advancements and innovations in healthcare delivery, tell us about your plans for 2019?

Our vision is to provide care where there are no resources and improve quality of care where there are limited resources.

Smart Health Platform of MedOnGo helps doctors who are stressed with high workload of patient care. The technology enables to increase the bench mark for quality.

The same platform is used in providing remote care using Health Kiosks and ATMs. Getting into space of home care for senior citizens and differently abled, MedOnGo is planning to establish Integrated R&D, prototyping and manufacturing unit, and exploring in state like Andhra Pradesh’s AMTZ.

To provide Universal Health Coverage and get into real predictive care, our plan is to leverage technologies like health IoT, big data, patient generated data, clinical decision support systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Q How do you perceive growth of Indian healthcare market in 2019? Tell us about your expansion and collaboration plan this year.

2018 has been the most exciting year till date for healthcare in India. Ayushman Bharat will bring in tectonic shift in healthcare sector. Technology will play a key role not only in the area of Ayushman Bharath’s Health and Wellness centres and Insurance schemes, but on every fronts of healthcare delivery.

Q Technologies have enhanced patient care in an unprecedented manner. Can you list out some technologies which will pave the way to transform healthcare sector in 2019?

Our focus is to make technology simple and affordable to the end user. Standards, Connectivity, AI, telemedicine, home health IoT, and patient generated data combined with schemes like AB-NHPS will change the fundamental aspect of health-seeking behaviour of average citizens.

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