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Ashok Arora, CEO, NUTASNUTAS is a non-invasive ultrasound tumour ablation system & is an innovative solution where breast cancer patients are treated with HIFU technology. It has an advantage over the surgery as the former is an OPD procedure where patients don’t require hospitalisation at all, share Dr U K Ghosh (M.S.), Dr Sunil Malhotra (MD Radiology) and Ashok Arora, CEO, NUTAS, in conversation with Elets News Network(ENN).


Q What prompted you to come with such an innovative solution?

Ashok Arora has been associated with the manufacturer of NUTAS in China since 2008 during the research, etc. and the CE certificate was granted in October, 2012 and it took two years to set up a NUTAS centre in Delhi, in April, 2014.

NUTAS is proving to be a boon to women diagnosed with breast cancer. We have treated more than 350 breast cancer patients in our centre without any recurrence which speaks volume about the curative effect of the technology. It stems from the fact that no woman likes to go through the surgical knives of a surgeon especially when she knows that a technology is available now to treat her in an OPD for 100 percent breast conservancy.


NUTAS is world’s first medical device which various surgeons were looking for Breast Conservancy to treat large number of breast cancer patients in India. There were more than 1,65,000 new breast cancer patients registered in 2016 in India.

Q Kindly brief us about this technology in simple terms which is touted as the safest way to treat benign and malignant tumours in breast.

The NUTAS technology is based on a scientifically proven technology known as HIFU i.e. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Through high intensity sound waves, the energy is produced which is targeted by 3D Treatment Planning Software on the Malignant tumours. The cancer cells targeted by the ultrasound are burnt completely with real time monitoring by the doctors. No need of surgery here and it results in irreversible coagulative necrosis (Tissue death of cancer cells present in the tumour).

It reduces further metastasis in the body. The HIFU technology is already in use in India and various other countries for treating Prostate Cancer and Uterine Fibroids. Various HIFU machines have been installed by Apollo Group of Hospitals for treating Uterine Fibroids but that can’t be used for treating Breast Cancer patients as it has not received the CE/USFDA approval by any other company so far.

Q What are the advantages of this modern technology in comparison to traditional ways of breast cancer treatment? How it fills in the blank of Ultrasound Tumour Therapy?

NUTAS is the only device which fills in the blank of tumour therapy. It was certified by the European Union in October, 2012 (TUV of Germany), after a long research of more than 12 years, with clinical validations on treating breast cancer patients for which CE0197 was granted. Now a woman can say no to Lumpectomy & Radical Mastectomy for 100 percent breast conservancy and femininity.

NUTAS — A Boon to Breast Cancer Patients

NUTAS is an innovation in the field of Radiology and a boon for surgeons & women who were looking for 100% Breast Conservancy to treat malignant tumour in breast and it can treat various solid tumours (benign / malignant) in breast in an OPD.

Under local anesthesia by Surgeon and a Radiologist to target the tumour under the guidance of ultrasound color doppler with 3D treatment planning software, a high energy is produced by the sound waves which burns the tissues cell-by-cell, line by- line and layer-by-layer and results in irreversible coagulative necrosis and it is confirmed to the patient after 15 days of treatment.

It is ideal to use in early /non metastatic stage and is equivalent to surgery and can be used in other advanced stages as a palliative treatment along with adjutant therapies and research on treating other solid tumors i.e. in liver, kidney, pancreatic and in pelvic area, etc. are under process to treat ( benign / malignant ) in CHINA.

Breast cancer is no.1 killer disease in India. NUTAS will eliminate the need of surgery to treat various solid benign / malignant tumours as mentioned above with good ultrasound path.

Q How a breast cancer is developed?

Breast cancer is a cancer that starts in the tissues of the breast and there are two main types of breast cancer:

Ductal carcinoma starts in the tubes of ducts that move milk from the breast to the nipple. Most breast cancers are of this type

Lobular carcinoma starts from the part of the breast called the lobules which produce milk Our MOTO is to reduce mortality rate due to breast cancer. If Indian Government can eradicate Polio from India then together we can reduce the mortality rate due to breast cancer by early detection and treating with NUTAS and it is in women’s hands only.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

With regular breast self examination from the age of 20 years onwards once in a month, four-five days after your periods or on a fixed date every month for the detection of any lump or any other abnormalities, etc.

Screening with Sono- Mammography for any lump, etc. as there is no radiation from ultrasound and it can locate a lump within the dense breast tissue as well. Ultrasounds are now available all over India in various private and government clinics, etc. for diagnosis as compared to Mammography X-ray machines.

An ultrasound can also be extremely useful in helping the radiologist interpret a mammogram on both Fluid (A cyst) and Solid Tissue(A Tumor )appear the same ( White). Using ultrasound, the radiologist can look more closely at the white area and determine if it is a cyst or Solid Tissue. Together we can conquer breast cancer if it is made compulsory by the State / Union Government that every woman of over 20 years at least must have Ultrasono Mammography or Whole Body screening for any tumours to be located at least once in three to five years so that any tumour developing in the body can be further investigated and we can definitely catch the disease young enough to be treated by HIFU technology, as HIFU will replace surgery in this very centaury itself for various tumours to treat in OPD.


Dr Alessandro Napoli, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of Radiology at Sapienza University in Rome, presented the results of his study involving 12 patients with invasive ductal breast cancer. All patients were treated with FUS, and post-treatment, histological evaluation confirmed the absence of residual disease in the treatment area in 10 patients. Though this study is part of early stage research, Dr Napoli is hopeful that focused ultrasound will one day be a treatment option for women with breast cancer.

The Doctors at Churchill Hospital in Oxford (Radcliffe Hospitals NHS) where Professor Sir Peter Morris, President of Royal College of Surgeons say Breast cancer patients’ lumps could instead be “zapped” with ultrasound, sparing them the trauma of breast removal.

NUTAS is a Cancer Treatment of 21st Century

Imagine being treated for cancer in an outpatient setting with no hospital stay, no surgery, no incision, no radiation, no side effects, no dysfunctions of limbs & organs (equivalent to surgery).

It is a one-time treatment cost for the patients to go through, avoids the costly expenses of treatment of surgery, Palliative Radiation therapy and reconstruction cost of breast as it is a trauma for a women to live without her most precious organ, the breast. HIFU treatment has no side effects or any damaging side effects than conventional treatment with surgical procedure. HIFU can be used along with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone & D.C. therapy, etc. for complete cure. HIFU replaces the need of surgery and is non-invasive.

Q How do you see the role of HIFU and robotics in the field of Radiology and Imaging?

NUTAS is world’s first Robotic Remotely Operated Super Beam Ultrasound therapy which will soon replace surgery in treating various solid tumours in liver, kidney, pancreas, lungs, bone, brain etc. Clinical trials are going on with NUTAS system in China and other countries. No other companies have claimed till date that they too can treat breast cancer patients with the HIFU technology. Risk factors due to breast cancer are change in lump size, dimpling of the skin, a change in shape of nipple or discharge, rash/ ridges/pitting of breast skin, swelling or lymph nodes in the armpit, low vitamin D- levels, lack of exercise/ yoga,etc. Visit

Q Are you working on some other innovative technologies?

Our team of doctors has taken exhaustive training on Echolaser which too is World’s1st Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Fibre Optic Nd-Yag Laser 1064nm Wire Ablation System which can treat various solid tumours Benign / Malignant in Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Lungs, Thyroid, Bone Tumor, Metastatic Lymph Nodes & Bile Ducts for a minor O.T. with or without local anaesthesia.

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