Aravindan Selvaraj

Aravindan SelvarajOur application is smart in terms of automating most of the areas. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module being completely inter-linked with all other Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS) modules, is able to reduce the patients consultation time as the data flows seamlessly between the EMR & HIMS suite, says Aravindan Selvaraj, Director, Sales and Marketing, Aosta Software Technologies India Ltd., in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q How do your IT solutions and services help healthcare facilities to streamline their operations and boost business potential?

Our flagship product BackBone is a complete HIMS Suite, scalable from primary care to tertiary care multispeciality hospitals. With all modules being interlinked with each other and provision for various third party integrations, the hospitals can have their operations streamlined. BackBones Mobile Dashboard is a BI tool for the management to track the real time performance of the hospital across various dimensions which results in potential decisionmaking. The systems data management helps the hospital to increase its revenue and patient count by facilitating the patient follow ups.

By providing more than 50 per cent scope for automation across various modules, the manual intervention is reduced. With 90 per cent scope for checks and balances across all important transactions, the errors can be minimised and any financial losses can also be prevented.

Using our patient-centric application with the above said functionalities, any hospital can effectively improve its business potential.

Q Your hospital management software enables hospitals to track, monitor, and optimise operations, could you explain how this model works?

Our application is smart in terms of automating most of the areas. For example, based on the Re- Order level set in pharmacy and inventory, the purchase orders can be automatically raised against the suppliers tagged as preferred suppliers in the application. EMR module being completely interlinked with all other HIMS modules is able to reduce the patients consultation time as the data flows seamlessly between the EMR & HIMS suite.

With the DMR solution to the Medical Records Department (MRD), all the patient records and prescriptions are digitally available in the system making the MRD go paperless. The system provides a request and approval mechanism for most of the critical transactions where the tracking and controlling is necessary.

Q In terms of data security and data management, how helpful are your IT solutions?

We truly understand the importance and confidentiality of the client data and are proud of our long term relationships with the customers who believe in our systems security measures. Our application is tightly integrated with security features making it HIPAA compliant. BackBones DMR helps in the storage and maintenance of the patient data in an easily accessible digital manner which provides an added advantage towards the data management.

Q Which of the hospital functions your hospital management system caters to or has solutions for?

BackBone is an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) for the healthcare industry providing them solutions for all clinical, administrative and operational aspects. From the time a patient gets registered till the final discharge, all the intermediate processes can be monitored and handled by BackBone. Based on this, various reports can be generated for an effective decision-making. We also provide solutions for pharmacy whole sellers or retailers, diagnostic centers, eye cares, etc. We focus on automations of various functionalities so that the manual intervention is reduced and the productivity is improved seamlessly. As said earlier, the system also provides checks and balances for transactions of higher importance and security.

We are part of a large group with a reputed chain of hospitals where all our latest releases are tested before providing it to our clients. We thereby ensure that the system we provide to our clients is bug-free and reliable which we can boast of. We have an excellent support mechanism in place. Also our Product and support teams are with us from the inception which helps us to deliver best service.

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