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DSN MurthyDhanush has been focusing towards making innovations in public primary healthcare so that the vast majority of semi-urban and rural poor could access the benefits of the Government healthcare programmes, says DSN Murthy, MD and CEO, Dhanush Infotech Pvt Ltd in conversation with Gopi Krishna Arora of Elets News Network (ENN).

Q Dhanush InfoTech has been serving clients with its innovative healthcare solutions. How has been the journey?

Dhanushs journey of serving its customers with innovative and worldclass healthcare solutions started 10 years ago. We first experimented in the developing economies like Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and entered in the Indian market six years back. Our focus has been towards making innovation in public primary healthcare so that the vast majority of semi-urban and rural poor will be able to access the benefits of the Government healthcare programmes.

Our journey has been successful so far and the main reasons are:

Focus on Innovation

Passion towards service delivery

Adherence to the healthcare standards and process

Q You were primarily IT service provider which have recently changed track and focused more on technology-driven healthcare solutions. How did this transformation take place?

Dhanush is a premium IT service provider with the two important verticals which were focused by Dhanush in the global market are”

  • Telecom
  • Healthcare

Dhanush has foreseen the gap of medical doctors availability in the rural and semi-urban regions and invested in building the telemedicine solutions which bridges this gap successfully. Our innovative healthcare solutions leveraging telemedicine have been successfully adapted in emerging economies across the world, as our solutions have taken the practical constraints of those markets, like “

Restricted availability of Network / Bandwidth

Lack of trained manpower

Lack of power

As solutions are designed by taking above constraints into consideration, thus Dhanush healthcare solutions are immensely successful in the regions of our operation including India.

Q What are the hallmarks of your services in terms of quality, technological advancement, and cost efficiency?

Dhanushs hallmark for service quality is based on achieving customer delight. Our efforts on technological advancement are focussed on improving the efficiency of the business operations. In terms of cost efficiency, we provide better process controls, improved insights into the data that can help to drive actionable decision-making.

Our healthcare solutions are primarily working towards linking up patients data from various sources in public and private domain and building a longitudinal health record for citizens.

Q Tell us about Hospital Management Software solution, a Kit (a Digital Doc) and Anmol (a tablet for health workers). How do these facilitate patient care?

Hospital Management Software Solution

Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is innovative hospital operations management system software which takes care of end-toend services right from the registration to the patient discharge. It has various speciality modules like Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Orthopaedics, etc. The Solution has comprehensive coverage of Operation Theater (OT) management and pharmacy module and it is well appreciated by our customers globally for its wide range of features. Our HIMS is available both On-premises and Software as a Service (SAAS) models.

A Kit (a Digita l Doc)

Telemedicine Kit (TM Kit) is an innovative solution designed especially for people in Uganda, where the operational and infrastructure issues, like lack of power and network connectivity along with unavailability of doctors for consultation have existed. The design of the Telemedicine Kit has been guided by UN agency and was built as per their stringent specifications and testing processes.

Telemedicine kit carries various diagnostic devices like Digital Stethoscope, ECG, Digital Thermometer, Glucometer, Fetal Monitor, etc. By using the Telemedicine kit, a nurse will carry this equipment in a robustly built kit to the patient and connects the patient to the doctor through Telemedicine. The doctor can view, talk and review the vital parameters of the patient with the help of the nurse at the patients end. A doctor can issue an e-prescription and the entire transaction is recorded electronically.


ANMOL stands for Auxiliary Nurse Midwives Online, who do the fieldwork and are expected to carry manual records for data entry of beneficiaries who are pregnant/ expected/delivered mothers and infants. ANMOL comes with the full lifecycle of the RMNCH (reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health services) like eligible couple, family planning, antenatal care (ANC), postnatal care (PNC) and child care.

ANMOL is being extended for medical officer module, which can facilitate tele-consultation of the beneficiary at home with a medical doctor to address any emergency scenarios related to high-risk pregnancies.

Q Shed some light over your services like PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and Radiology Information System (RIS). Please explain about these solutions.

PACS and RIS is the latest technology model that enables radiology images to be reviewed by suitable Radiology experts remotely and provide annotations, comments, and diagnosis details.

Q Dhanush has been working to improve healthcare infrastructures in rural areas through primary healthcare centers and telemedicine services. What kind of challenges do you face?

The challenges which are being faced by Dhanush with regards to healthcare infrastructure in rural areas are”

Network connectivity

Availability of power

Q How do you analyse Indian healthcare IT market in terms of opportunity and challenges?

Healthcare IT market is immensely growing and it is interesting to see that Public and Private Sectors are competing for healthcare IT investments. Since last four years, the initiatives and technology adaption, promoted by the Government of India and other progressive States is very encouraging for the players in this market.

Q Apart from IT solutions, what other domains of healthcare are you working upon?

We are working on provisioning of primary healthcare services, which constitute doctor consultation, specialist doctor tele-consultation, diagnostic services and healthcare screening services along with ICT solutions in the healthcare field.

Our focus is on innovations in primary healthcare segment to improve quality, affordability and accessibility.

Q Tell us about your expansion plan in coming years to cater people with new innovative solutions.

Dhanush is planning to invest in new technologies which can help in conducting various diagnostic tests at an affordable cost. It is also investing in Telemedicine solutions which can operate at much lower bandwidths (At 2G). With its innovative solutions, the organisation plans to expand to all over India and working closely with Central Government and various State Governments. We are working with the African Government to extend the primary healthcare solutions to various emerging economies of Africa.

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