Dr Jonathan StoeckelMost of the radiology centres in India do not avail modern radiology IT benefits. Most of the large hospitals are still buying and using legacy solutions that are not providing full benefits that modern state-of-the-art software can bring. Stradus aims to bring a change to make modern technologys benefits accessible to all, says Dr Jonathan Stoeckel, Chief utive Officer, Stradus Services India Pvt Ltd., in an interview with Rajbala of Elets News Network (ENN).

Give us an overview of Stradus Services India Pvt Ltd. 

Stradus provides reliable, affordable and easy to use radiology IT solutions. Our RIS/PACS and teleradiology solutions scale from single modality diagnostic centres, to large multi-location corporates. Stradus offers hybrid solutions, that
are both fully local and fully cloud-based at the same time: offering the best of both worlds. Stradus designs its solutions to optimally fit the Indian needs. It turns out that customers in other countries also appreciate our offering. So, we are also selling outside India.

What distinct role is Stradus Services Private Limited playing in the healthcare ecosystem?

The goal of any radiology IT solution should be to help the radiologists and other users save time and cost while at the same time helping to improve the quality of patient care. Therefore, modern radiology IT solutions should allow users to work in the way that fit them best instead of compromising because of their software. Users should be able to
choose the workflows that fit them best, feel secure that no data gets lost, and do their work from any location in the hospital, at home, or even while travelling, and from whatever device, being a full workstation, a tablet, or just a phone. All tools, including MIP/MPR/3D, viewing of priors and reporting etc. should be available anywhere at any time. Most radiology centres in India do not yet avail the benefits of modern radiology IT. And most large hospitals are still buying and using legacy solutions that are not providing the full benefits that modern state of the art software can bring. Stradus is trying to change this with its fully integrated RIS, PACS and teleradiology solution based on the latest technologies. We want to make the benefits of modern technology accessible to all.

Tell us about affordable PACS Service your company deals with. How patients get benefitted with the service?

Patients benefit in many different ways: For example, by directly being able to receive access to their images on their phones by text message or email. But they also benefit from faster turnaround times that Stradus enables. Since Stradus is affordable and helps improve productivity, the benefits can be offered to patients without needing to raise the prices for the patients.

What all new products and services you are bringing in 2018 to cater people related to this field?

We always pay attention to our customers needs. They are our inspiration. Our R&D continuously adds new functionalities based on customer feedback. Our active customers always automatically get the latest version of our software, so they directly benefit from any improvements we make or new features we add.

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