Geoff Wain Deputy High Commissioner, British Deputy High Commission

Geoff Wain
Deputy High Commissioner, British Deputy High Commission

Healthcare UK, is a joint initiative of the Department for International Trade (DIT), the Department of Health (DH) and NHS England, supports partnerships in areas like education and training, clinical services, digital health, infrastructure and health systems development of healthcare provision, Geoff Wain, Deputy High Commissioner, British Deputy High Commission, shares his insights on India-UK collaboration to develop healthcare ecosystem, in an interview with Rajbala of Elets News Network (ENN).

Give an overview about the British High Commission in India.

We enhance the India-UK relationship so that it is stronger, wider, and deeper, generating more jobs, more growth and more security for our two nations. The UK-India relationship is founded on a broad range of mutual interests. We work closely together on issues as diverse as education and research, energy security and climate change, security and defence and broader international relations.

How UK government can collaborate with the Indian Government to improve its healthcare ecosystem?

The UK government is committed to working with the Indian government and the State governments in achieving universal healthcare, training and education for the staff that are required to improve healthcare delivery which involves common challenges such as anti-microbial resistance.

We have a specific MoU that lays out this collaboration with the UK department of health. A number of British companies are active in India, for example, Diabetacare providing online and direct clinical care and the BMJ that provides education and easy to access good practice guidelines to Indian doctors.

The UK has significant expertise in developing new and efficient healthcare facilities, designing top quality clinical services, training the whole range of healthcare staff and in providing systems to capture and use patient data to improve efficiency and improve the quality of care.

There are lots of startups who are active in Healthcare Spectrum. The Government of India has also started Start-up India programme to boost start-ups in the country, how do you view the British Healthcare startups scope in it?

The UK has some of the most innovative startups operating in healthcare. Many are keen to find partners and customers in India which is why we are bringing companies on trade missions this month and next February to meet potential customers.

There are vast opportunities for the UK and India to form closer partnerships in the healthcare sector, where the UK is a world leader. UK has an unmatched combination of clinical, technological and academic expertise which can be explored by setting-up such start-ups.

Tell us about the Health Systems development done yet. Share the upcoming plans.

A good example is the Indo UK Institutes for Health Systems development where the National Health Services (NHS) and private companies are partnering with this massive programme for 11 medicities and many clinics in India. This brings the UKs expertise in managing a whole system to India across primary, secondary and tertiary care.

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