ONE LIFE: Awareness on Nutritional Supplements Growing

Gaurav Aggarwal

Gaurav Aggarwal
Director, Lasons India Pvt Ltd

Given the size of our population we should have been a fairly large user. Awareness amongst the people is limited. However it is growing pretty rapidly, says Gaurav Aggarwal, Director, Lasons India Pvt Ltd, the parent company of One Life, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).


Please apprise us about the One Life brand.

One Life is a brand focusing on nutrition-wellness-beauty. The nutrition and wellness have been rolled out in the market and the beauty products will come in near future.

The brand has been established to provide the consumer with supplements and other related products for a healthier life. Our products include products for bone health, cartilage health, heart health, multi vitamins for men and women, Omega 3 fish oil, etc. In the coming months we are also introducing various products for womens health, diabetes control, liver health, kidney health, etc. The idea is to be able to provide the consumer with various products for various ailments.


How did you manage to establish the brand?

Establishing just the brand in itself is not very difficult. However, establishing a health supplement brand such as ours involves a lot of research and development amongst other things. Given the fact that we are a pharmaceutical manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in India and internationally, the process was lengthy but not so difficult. Being vitamin producer ourselves and catering to more than 85 countries we very well understand the requirements of the consumer and the need for providing the same with the best quality products.

What is the current status of nutritional supplements market in India?

We are a manufacturer of vitamins (API). Our customers include the top brands of supplements across the globe. The Indian nutrition and supplement industry is at its nascent stage. Given the size of our population we should have been a fairly large user. Awareness amongst the people is limited. However it is growing pretty rapidly. As social media and other avenues reach the length and breadth of the country, the awareness of the needs for supplements of various kinds increases too.

Doctors and other experts also understand and appreciate the need for supplements as our diets do not provide adequate nutrition in the food we consume. However, our bodies require a certain amount of nutrition which can then be received by supplements such as ours. These are lifestyle and wellness products and are consumed for prevention rather than cure.

Can you share with us future plans of Lasons India and its product line?

The future plan is to develop various products in nutrition, wellness and beauty. We also plan to expand our reach across India and internationally.

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