mCURA: Offering Effective Solution to Indian Health System


mCURA, a complete, scalable, and effective solution for the entire healthcare community, is a very unique way of developing health records. The solution has an excellent format, which covers all the basic aspects of a patient, says Dr Paparao Nadakuduru, Senior Consultant Physician, KIMS Hospital, Kondapur, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q. How mCURA has helped the OPD at the hospital streamline its processes?

Improving the performance of any healthcare system needs to be relooked. Age-old conventional systems are going on in the patient care area. When you aim to improve the performance of the healthcare system, you need to institutionalise the networking. It means creating electronic health records, which includes creating the software, hardware, technical support and ensuring accessibility of the technical data.

When we get a database and analyse it, it helps in prioritising areas of prevention, areas of health promotions. Data helps in gearing up the system, thus improving the overall quality of work. mCURA has a very unique way of developing health records. They have an excellent format, which covers all the basic aspects of a patient. It includes all the details with a provision of attaching all the investigation reports. The pharmacy requirements are also linked to the data base of the pharmacy. Its a very convenient single paper. mCURA solution facilitates handing of all the records to the patient through a printout.

Q. Can you shed light on how mCURA is complete, scalable, and effective solution for entire healthcare community?

mCURA also provides a complete health record to the patient, laboratory, radiology and pharmacy. It has offered information on how many prescriptions are honoured at the pharmacy. We can access the information and the system can alert the patient if there are any abnormal results of their investigations.

Q. Can you share with us some figures reflecting the positive impact mCURA had on the patient care?

mCURA follows a patient-centric approach. Availability of information right from the personal data, physician record, lab investigations, pharmacy and follow-up, helps the physician to check the compliance by the patient. In five-six instances, we found that the patients did not regularly take the prescribed medicine. mCURA allows us to check whether the patient is taking the drug after the prescription. Data also facilitates access to information that how many prescriptions were honoured by the pharmacy. Initially, I found that only 29 per cent of my prescriptions were honoured and as we improved the pharmacy facility, we could improve it to 85 per cent.

Q. How viable is the mCURA solution in terms of cost?

mCURA is an economically viable solution for most of the healthcare organisations in the country. At a very littile cost, the system provides very useful data.

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