ePsyclinic: Offering Counselling by Identifying Unique Problems

 Shipra DawarFounder,

Shipra Dawar

In an exclusive interview with Elets News Network (ENN), Shipra Dawar, Founder, shares how ePsyclinic has been removing stigma attached to mental diseases and assisting both patients and service providers. ePsyclinic empowers patients to choose the right therapist and treatment to make informed and relevant choice.


Please guide us how ePsyclinic as an online platform for emotional health operates. How challenging the journey has been so far? Please provide details.
ePsyclinic is Indias leading online and tele platform for seeking mental and emotional health services. From 47 sessions a month due to high stigma, lack of trust on online channels to 200 sessions a day, we have come a long way and worked really hard to break the taboo for seeing mental health. ePsyclinic not only worked on the patient side to remove stigma and increase acceptability, it also worked on the provider side to help them drop some of their own biases and also train them extensively in the online talk form of therapy.

What selection procedures are followed by ePsyclinic while considering a consultant and therapist for online consultations? What major factors do you think need to be particularly kept in mind during the selection?
Selection procedure is both guided and self-driven. ePsyclinic has 18×7 live chat capability with guidance from psychologists who help a patient choose the right therapist or treatment provider for them based on their needs. Additionally, if a person wants to selfselect, the providers are listed by the issues and life problems they deal with, thereby making it much easier for the person to make an informed and relevant choice.

Please walk us through your online modules and how they cover different aspects of relationships and life. What kind of research and development (R&D) is involved in the designing of the ePsyclinic modules?
We deal with all mental health and emotional health issues across different age groups.
The key health issues are depression, anxiety, couple counselling, senior wellness counselling, kids counselling, pregnancy counselling and psychological issues counselling. These have been designed after the research team has looked into their unique problems, issues and nuances, and the clinical team and development team have then designed solutions around that.


We would like to understand how these digital exercises boost up the self-esteem of the users suffering from emotional crisis.
Talk therapy at ePsyclinic is designed to perfection, keeping the unique needs, motivations, pain and sufferings of an Indian in view. Talk-led therapy is one of the best ways to curb emotional and mental health disorders. Talk therapy allows one to speak about self and selfneeds, sufferings and wants in a nonbiased, professional, active listening setting. The freedom to be in touch with ones own thoughts, make sense of them and working in a systemic and systematic fashion helps reduce the stress manifold, thereby increasing the self-confidence and self-esteem of the person.

With rapid changes in the socioeconomic factors, do you think we are likely to see newer dimensions of mental diseases? If yes, please suggest what kinds of newer challenges have come up in our society and relationships?
The world has become wired, too connected. Instantaneous responses are expected from a person, irrespective of the fact where he/she is. The boundaries between professional work time and personal space are blurring. This has led to a rise in tremendous stress, family discord and chronic fatigue experiences. With this the society is becoming much more individualistic where the perception of what is right comes from Me as opposed to We. So going forward, individual stress issues and anxiety disorders will grow at an exponential rate, thereby needing focus of the mental health service providers and drug development companies.

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