Keep Healthcare in Good Hands, Not in Invisible Hands


Dr Ravi Gupta

Healthcare is undoubtedly a public good that cannot be left to the unregulated control of the market, rather the overall goal should be to alleviate sufferings of the common masses from the rising burden of treatment costs by regulating those with the mission to extract money and detract the ongoing progressive healthcare initiatives.


In order to achieve an ideal healthcare system, relevant factors, such as universal access, cost-effective treatment or fair distribution of financial cost to lessen the ever-rising burden of healthcare, etc., need to be built in the healthcare system, with unwarranted special attention to vulnerable groups, such as women, children, differently abled and the aged . Its only when we succeed in achieving these goals that we will be able to make Preventive Care the defining benchmark for the healthcare sector.

eHEALTH Magazine as the voice of the healthcare sector through the September issue primarily focusing on preventive care wants to spread word on the need to decrease the burden of insecurity due to the rising concept of sick care business steered by cure rather than care. The key to creating a healthy & productive population is to understand the dire need of strengthening screening measures across medical facilities and in the national policies by generating adequate political will. Moreover, the healthcare stakeholders and thought leaders need to deliberate to successfully revise the healthcare landscape by including newer diseases that have steadily crept in due to numerous man-made factors, such as respiratory diseases, cervical cancer among women, etc., to increase emphasis upon compulsory screening for detecting them at an early stage.

Whether we like it or not, stress has become another point of concern in the society, especially due to new socioeconomic dynamics of the society. Therefore, eHEALTH Magazine has tried to capture the overall picture by comprehending the factors that dismantle our overall well-being. Often unnoticed and untreated, mental diseases or stress can mostly play havoc on the overall mental constitution of the patients. With the aim to spread awareness, we have tried to capture the key reasons and solutions available at fingertips to understand this problem which is more than what it appears to be.


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