Dr Ravi Gupta

Mirroring the values & strategies of healthcare stakeholders, eHEALTH adorns the role of a one-stop solution provider in this cardiology-special June issue.

Interestingly, the June issue of eHEALTH is nothing less than a platter full of thought-provoking insights & observations straight from the thought leaders of till now isolated but steadily converging verticals of cardiology, medical tourism & medical device.

In this issue, we talk candidly not just about flagship products but also flagship ideas defining or about to define the course of action in Indian healthcare.

Here, the gatekeepers of Indian healthcare discuss the latest trends, first-of-its-kind advancements & observations that can guide our policy-makers.

Well, I wont hesitate to call this issue a virtual symposium, which makes one thumb through the magazine again and again, with new insights holding the attention of the reader every time. The reiteration of the role of technology as an absolutely necessary means, but definitely not the end becomes our key takeaway from this issue.

Away from bombastic and tall claims that fail to stand in the long run, leaders underline the USP of partnerships and other practically engaging and fruitful solutions. There seems to be the ascent of true innovation with clear vision and adequate understanding of responsibility towards ensuring larger benefits to a large number of people.

We at eHEALTH feel extremely proud, like any watchdog, to witness such clear comprehension of problems in a country like India. We are excited about the well-researched strategies and approaches of doctors, start-ups, medical device manufacturers, etc. and their spirit to call spade a spade to ensure real changes spread their wings and unnecessary baggages of the past are done away with.

Like always, we look forward to more! Come and join us in this funfilled and adventurous journey of yeh dil mange more!

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