Indus Health Plus: One-Stop Solution for Cost-Effective Healthcare

Amol Naikawadi

Our motto is to make quality healthcare Available, Accessible and Affordable to masses, shares Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus with Elets News Network (ENN)

What kind of business strategies, technical innovations and new partnerships are being undertaken by Indus Health Plus to bring preventive healthcare check-ups at door steps?

If we look at business strategy, we are expanding our business and partnerships. Our business model is such that we tie-up with the state of- the-art hospitals and diagnostic chains to provide preventive healthcare packages at an affordable rate. We are giving a one-stop solution to all clients across locations at same cost with no compromise on the quality of service. With turnaround time made smoother, meeting time requirement for reports generation, we are consistent towards giving quality service at minimal time. Our motto is to make quality healthcare available, accessible and affordable to masses and thats how we plan our communication across markets to reach out to more.

  • Adoption of new technologies for high-end preventive health check-ups
  • Focus on a geographical expansion in stages
  • Vision to serve tier-II and tier-III cities, as well as smaller towns

Technology plays an integral part in the business. We have strong and integrated back-end processes and an in-house call centre that provides all the details regarding the checkups to the customers.

Electronic health records (EHRs) encompass and leverage digital progress and can transform the way care is delivered and compensated. With EHRs, information is available whenever and wherever it is needed. It enhances privacy and security of patient data. It reduces costs through decreased paperwork, improves safety, and reduces duplication of testing

We also have Live Doctor Chat service to enable the availability of consultation by a doctor. Hence, we are making the use of technology which helps grow our business better and provides good services.

Health-PlusHow far have you succeeded in realising your motto of making quality healthcare Available, Accessible and Affordable each and every day? Please provide details.

The mission of Indus Health Plus is to make quality healthcare Available, Accessible and Affordable to masses every day. We want to educate people on the benefits of timely check-ups which not only save life of a person, but they also save their families from mental and physical trauma and financial distress. We are practicing our motto of making quality healthcare Available, Accessible and Affordable. All hospitals and diagnostic centres have their own preventive health check-up packages, but this has been possible because they have always believed in our vision and that’s how they joined hands with us and hence we have been reaching out across the geographical spread in India and now also in the Gulf. We have partner hospitals and diagnostic centres in different cities across India that are using our affordable packages and making it possible to reach out to masses. We have reach in tier-I and tier-II cities, which is making healthcare available in remote areas. So far we have reached 17 states, 121 centres across 78 cities with more than 5 lakh satisfied families. The services provided by Indus Health Plus are at a very nominal rate, which are substantially lesser than the medical tests conducted elsewhere,at times close to 50 per cent less. With almost all the services under one roof and the entire testing, reports and counselling completed in a single day, this cost advantage is something that Indus Health Plus is proud to offer to its consumers.

Key Takeaways
  • One-stop solution
  • Strong & integrated back-end processes
  • Call centre
  • Live Doctor Chat service
  • Tailor-made packages

It has been commonly observed that patients in India fail to complete their consultation due to prescription of lab tests. Have you experienced this practice? What measures have been undertaken to spread awareness about the necessity of such tests as a preventive measure?

Each of our package has been tailor made according to the age group and the requirement of an individual, such as the number of tests, the duration of tests and the reports generated followed by counselling by a doctor. So far we have not witnessed any problem because of this strategy.

With low penetration of insurance and big gap between urban and rural areas in terms of trained medical personnel, advanced diagnostic devices, etc., how do you plan to create an indigenous healthcare system?

Indus Health Plus is not an insurance company. We are service providers for preventive healthcare check-ups. As part of our expansion plans, we always look out for facilities that can give the best to the customers with well-equipped doctors and hospitals with high-end diagnostic equipment that can give quality results. We have partnered with various hospitals across 17 states in India and planning more by keeping in mind the rural and urban reach of it. Our strategy has made us frame a healthcare system in the country that has made the customers approach us easily to avail our services.

With a focus on the high-end preventive health check-ups, we are always trying to adopt new technologies for early detection mechanism. We are focusing on a geographical expansion in stages with a vision to serve not just tier- II and tier-III cities, but also other smaller towns. With the edge in preventive healthcare that we are embarking on, even international bodies have started recognising us and in times to come, we look forward to extend our services in the international market also.

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