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Arvind Sivaramakrishnan
Arvind Sivaramakrishnan

Arvind Sivaramakrishnan
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, Chennai

Transforming Medical Infrastructure


The last two decades has seen phenomenal growth in the health IT sector. At the same time, the growth of the medical technologies have also been very impressive. The medical technology has greatly assisted in driving clinical excellence with higher levels of successful clinical outcomes, patient safety and quality outcomes. Clearly this state has led to a very effective partnership between medical infrastructure and IT. It has evolved to become a critical success factor in effective delivery of healthcare and manage the operational efficiency of a healthcare enterprise. Indian clinical outcomes are ranked the best across the world. IT is playing a crucial role in augmenting great clinical outcomes coupled with effective and seamless management of the overall care continuum. The level of adoption of IT in the healthcare sector with the various stakeholders has greatly increased. While there is indeed a lot more to achieve in this direction, the momentum is in the right direction of sustainable growth.

Connecting Healthcare via IT

ehealth-magazine-march-issue-2016-25IT has been a key element in our strategic plans. Our leadership realised the importance of IT in healthcare delivery right from the inception of our group 30 years ago. We have always made the required investments into our IT enablement and are delighted to see the favorable results. We are able to use IT to ensure effective clinical, operational, service and financial integration across our hospitals. Our IT enabled process es help ensure that we maintain the highest levels of quality and safety in our patient care process. The IT systems contribute positively towards optimising our operations and constantly ensure management of high levels of operational excellence.


IT Investments

As mentioned earlier, IT has been part of our strategic agenda right from our inception. Our organisation has been the pioneer in investing in medical technologies and brining the best to India. ur investment in an efficient HIS with seamless care continuity across hospitals has given us significant benefit. We are able to establish a single UHID across our systems which greatly boosts continuity of care across patient care setting. We also invested in the clinical imaging solutions which is now on a robust cloud platform giving us advantages of effective and seamless integration of clinical imaging at point of care and high availability including secure anytime-anywhere access to clinicians. Our investment in PHR has been very successful too.

Shift in Perception

Data integration has helped the clinicians user experience. It greatly helps ensure that clinicians get the complete and comprehensive health record. This enables them get a good perspective of the state of health of the patient and any other related conditions that could be relevant to the current care process. It shortens the speed to diagnosis when comprehensive clinical information is at the fingertips of our clinicians. Todays users clearly demand state-of-the-art integrated systems. Their comprehension of systems and their value to workflow is mature. While initial change management hurdles continue to exist, on a macro level the users greatly contribute as a positive driving force towards implementation and adoption of effective IT systems.

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