Bharat Bhardwaj, Founder & Chairman (L) and Anand Chatterjee, Founder & Chief utive Officer, Top Doctors Online

Bharat Bhardwaj, Founder & Chairman (L) Anand Chatterjee, Founder & Chief utive Officer

IT in healthcare is transforming the way health services have been delivered traditionally. Players, like Top Doctors Online, are out to bridge the gap between a needy patient and the best doctor available for his ailment

With the objective to provide the best possible services to every health-seeker in the most convenient and cost effective way, the Top Doctors Online (TDO) came into existence. The idea behind the company is to build a bridge between the health-seekers of chronic diseases and the super-specialist doctors, who are polarised in metros and Tier-I cities of India.

TDO – complete health and wellness app – is a one-stop health destination to get a complete resolution to the health concern of people, which is delivered through three sections “ Read, Ask and Book.

Read: It brings the most searched health and wellness topics in most user-friendly formats and simple language, which is ratified by medical experts. It includes videos, slideshows, articles and Q&As. The aim is to be a mobile medical encyclopedia for the users in simple language and user-friendly format.

Ask: For any specific query, one can ask a doctor just at a click of button. One can chat or email or talk to a qualified doctor, and resolve ones query. One can also call the doctor from the app. The aim is to provide access to doctors “ anytime and anywhere and make the chat experience as easy as Whatsapp.

Book: It means practically anything and everything of healthcare can be booked for a hassle-free experience. Right from pathology tests to diagnostic procedures, from specialty treatments to book an appointment for second opinion with listed top doctors of India. The aim is to make the entire array of health services easily accessible to the user without any hassles.

The aim of the TDO is to be the Google (search any health information), Whatsapp (easy communication with doctors) and Amazon (access to a wide range of health services) of health. Currently, the app is available on Android platform and soon it will be available for the iOS.

TDO is founded by Bharat Bhardwaj, (Founder & Chairman) and Anand Chatterjee (Founder & CEO) With founders from health and technology coming together, TDO has been able built a formidable team to achieve its objectives of becoming the onestop destination for resolution to all health concerns. The company has a 45-member team “ comprising doctors, engineers and marketing professionals.

The app is helpful to both the people and health professionals.

For People/Health-seekers: TDO is one stop destination for a 360-degree solution to concerns and queries of users, with respect to health, wellness and fitness. This unique promise allows users to get access three sections on the app: Read, Ask and Book.

For Health Professionals: It is a unique opportunity for health professionals to reach out to health seekers in need of their services. Such a digital platform helps professionals to reach a larger audience without geographical limits of a particular city.

At present, the company is consolidating its operations in India and expanding its reach in the middleeast. With the vision to offer the simplest telemedicine solutions to the demographies, where doctor-patient ratio is poor and at cheapest possible price, TDO is planning to penetrate deeper in India to cater to Tier II and Tier III cities. It is also planning to expand operations to African continent, Middle-east and South-East Asia in the near future. TDO is working on IPRs to differentiate its solutions and creating the patentable technology.

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