August 2015

Online Therapy for a Healthy Mind

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Government of India studies show 1/5th of the Indians suffer from mental health disorder. To counter these alarming statistics, HealthEminds is an online psychiatry and counselling services allowing people to seek a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Ankita Puri is the Co-founder and CEO of Healtheminds


Dr Sunita Maheshwari is the Co-founder and Strategic Adviser at Healtheminds

The company was started to provide quality counseling that is affordable, convenient and easily accessible to clients around the world through a proprietary and innovative video based online technology platform. A recent WHO report states that India is the most depressed country in the world, and, mental and emotional healthcare is heavily stigmatised by society. Mental well-being dictates how people connect with each other and affects personal and professional life. HealthEminds start-up seeks to transform the negative perceptions surrounding counseling by spreading awareness & by allowing people a confidential, secure platform people can access in the privacy of their own home.

HealthEminds, self-funded by the founders, at present has 45 mental healthcare professionals nationally empanelled. By the end of the calendar year, the company looks forward to an addition of 100 more professionals.

For the next five years the company aims to make millions of lives around the world happier and healthier, influencing people to focus on emotional and mental fitness, bringing quality mental healthcare to people no matter where they live, and increasing awareness levels about mental health issues and its effects on health and families or society and how seeking help can make all the difference.

HealthEminds claims to be a platform that can save ones time in travelling and waiting. It works towards ensuring Indias mental health while advocating the fact that Its good to get help. Pan-India, experts come together under the HealthEminds umbrella, and depending on the availability of the expert, sessions can be booked for a convenient time and day depending on ones schedule. Other benefits includes accessibility from location of choice and convenience, access to professionals who are not geographically inaccessible, hence access a wider range of professionals, straightforward booking and payment system “ sound cancellation and refund policy for minimum ambiguity and maximum satisfaction, transparency about expert qualifications/experience/approach, assured anonymity, people with limited mobility.

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