Happy National Doctors Day 2015!

The first Doctors Day observance was March 30, 1933, in Winder, Georgia. The idea came from Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond, and the date chosen was the anniversary of the first use of general anaesthesia in surgery.


In the United States, National Doctors’ Day is a day on which the service of physicians to the nation is recognized annually. In India, it is celebrated to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr Roy was honoured with the country’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna on February 4, 1961.

There are several reasons that can be attributed to the significance of this honour being celebrated in India. This observance fulfils a need to show the doctors and physicians in our lives how important they are to us and how invaluable their treatments are that cure us. The celebrations are indicative of the respect that they command in the lives of their patients and thus obligate them to fulfil their responsibilities as well.

What Healthcare Professionals has to say

sanjay Dr Kumara Sanjaya, Lead Clinical Specialist, Philips Innovation CampusI

strongly believe that India will flourish as a progressive nation only when our healthcare ecosystem becomes accessible and affordable to every Indian across the country. For a country of our size, India lacks an adequate number of specialists, especially in niche fields like critical care, neurosurgery etc. Whats alarming is that these specialists are concentrated in big cities and metros, which serve only about 20 per cent of our population!At Philips, our objective is to innovate and create practical solutions to increase healthcare reach and make it more affordable to every Indian. Propelled by our vision to accelerate healthcare reach across the country, our team has developed a state of the art Tele ICU solution, which enables intensive care specialists to virtually/remotely monitor and treat patients admitted to small town ICUs on a real-time basis, expanding the reach of quality healthcare to suburbs and rural areas. As a qualified surgeon, I look forward to the day when the healthcare ecosystem in India will overcome these challenges and will be accessible to one and all

Dr. Ragini Agrawal Dr. Ragini Agrawal, Director, Medical Services, W Hospital, Gurgaon

Doctors day is a day for the multi-taskers of society who tirelessly work to serve the community by providing everything from healing to consoling. Today, we are on the road to nip diseases in the bud through the use of preventive medicine. I wish all my colleagues to become preventive physicians first. And I thank you for your sacrifice, your service and for being there day and night

Dr. Damodar Rao, Associate Director, Rao Hospital, Coimbatore

More than the application of science and technology, medicine is a special calling, and those who have chosen this vocation in order to serve their fellowman understand the tremendous responsibility it entails.Most endure long and unpredictable hours, and many must cope with conflicting demands of work and family life and it is only befitting that we recognize this section of our society on this special day to whom hard work, stress, and sacrifice are common experience to each one of them

Dr Geeta Shroff Dr Geeta Shroff- Founder and Medical Director, Nutech Mediworld clinic New Delhi

The opportunity to alleviate human suffering is a very humbling experience. Doctors Day serves as a reaffirmation of our pledge to keep the patients well being uppermost in our mind. It also encourages us to continue to work towards their health and healing. We strive to innovate as well as keep abreast with new technologies towards our goal of ameliorating the patients health.

Dr. Mukesh Mehra, Sr. Consultant, Internal Medicine, Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi Dr. Mukesh Mehra, Sr. Consultant, Internal Medicine, Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi

A doctors responsibility is not just to provide healthcare expertise. The job does not end once the patient is treated. We need to ensure that our patients are provided with utmost care during their healthcare journey and that they are receiving their right to a healthy and fit living. At Max Healthcare, we strongly believe in the sacred relationship between the patient and his doctor by treating our patients not as customers but as our family. We understand that a doctor is more just the medical counsellor; he now plays a much more important role in a persons life. Today, on the occasion of National Doctors Day, we celebrate the many roles and responsibilities of our doctors, such as “ mentors, friends, counsellors, and care takers

Dr. Balu Pitchiah, Chief Psychiatrist,

Wellness both physical and emotional can prevent complications of common disorders. Many times conflicts in relationship at work and home and stress is caused or made worse by inadequate care of the emotional wellbeing. Emotionally well parents bring up healthy happy contented children and emotionally well workers contribute to the productivity. Let’s aim at achieving emotional wellness for all

Smriti Sawhney, Chief Psychologist,

Mental wellness is the first step towards feeling healthy and happy. Lets not ignore it. Doctors have the most stressful job in the world. They need emotional wellness support too. Tele Mental health options like online therapy are great for doctors. These options fit in well with the busy schedules of doctors

Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal, Senior Homeopath, Agrarwal Homeo Clinic

Doctors are responsible for increased life expectancy and improved well-being in society. They restore the lost balance and harmony of the patient, keeping in mind the individual temperament and uniqueness of each patient. Therefore, it is nice to see that there is one day in a year when doctors are given their dues

Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Nurture IVF Centre

Doctor’s Day is an ideal opportunity to remind people of the critical role doctor’s play in everyones lives. Being a doctor is not just a ‘job’; it is a challenging commitment to service that requires high levels of skill and precision. This is the time to pay tribute to the entire medical profession.

Preeti Seth, Nutritionist & Cosmetologist, Pachouli Spa & Wellness Centre, New Delhi

As a Nutritionist, this day makes me feel proud and more responsible towards my work and ethics. Being recognized in the form of a Special Day dedicated to us, obviously brings lot of happiness for us. Yes, I do receive lot of calls from my patients and when they wish and thank you for the treatments or advices, it feels like heaven. After all, this makes you feel satisfied and content that you have helped someone.

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