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James Mazarello
James Mazarello

James Mazarello
CEO, Rosalina Instruments

We can reduce the cost of imports and India can save crores in taxes and private hospital money, says James Mazarello, CEO, Rosalina Instruments


Tell us more about the company.

We started as a company catering to pharmaceuticals to repair services and maintenance sophisticated analytical and biomedical equipment in 1988. We had experience on quality assurance equipment for cancer treatment and concentrated on dosimetry. We slowly took up to servicing of larger equipment till we were capable handling independent portfolios from foreign companies. We have now branch into three division analytical equipment, medical equipment and industrial and defense equipment our concentration has been on cancer treatment equipment since last 25 years.

Please share your views on the “Make in India†campaign.


There never been a better time to Make in India than now as it is high time to self motivate and not wait for the government to take the first step. It completely changes the thought process to a higher level and high quality of products that need to be delivered. Foreign companies have cooperated with local entrepreneurs for faster development of both the companies and proper utilisation of resources. Government should identify and encourage micro development programs for such purposes; Grameen bank is one such example.

On hazards of radiation in hospitals.

The two most important points in delivering accurate and precision treatment is the amount of dose and the point to which one imparting the dose. There are two major aspects in radiation monitoring.

Firstly, radiation to personal working in the environment, radiation to common people who are prone to such environment where radiation exist and radiation to the patient themselves who are being treated (this falls in both categories).

The second aspect is the radiation treatment itself. Delivering quality radiation treatment is the sole responsibility of the hospital where the patient is being treated. In radiation treatment consulting the radiation oncologist and a proper advise is of utmost importance and it is here that safety of the patient comes into picture, delivering the correct amount of dose to the diseased tissue and protecting the healthy tissue has been a great dilemma to all both in India and the world.

Core Linac has not changed much in treatments, though they have adapted to the latest technologies that have evolved, but this has benefited the patient to a lesser extent. Quality treatment also means keeping the hazards away.

On new products.

We have produced the 0.65 cc Ion chamber, which is the heart of the quality assurance system. The product has to be imported and costs about Rs. 1.2 lakh to 1.5 lakh.

We have supplied about a 1000 chambers to various hospitals across India of various sizes. These were wholly imported from abroad. The cost of each chamber averaged about Rs. 1.2 lakh, the basic system of quality assurance for any hospital will cost about Rs. 80 lakh to nearly a crore. Quality treatment independent of the LINAC the hospital plans to procure should be made economical to the patients. Make it in India, cost will be low and patients will be benefited.

Blue prints have been laid for many products in this range and it will take some time before we can come out with many products. We are also trying to collaborate with some American, German and Swedish companies to join hands with us, if this collaboration succeeds then it will be much faster.

We can reduce the cost of imports, and thus save crores of tax payers money and avoidable expenses by private hospitals.

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