Latest breakthrough in mobile technologies, devices, dashboards, genomic data and other emerging applications in telemedicine is fast piling up on the CIOs daunting and demanding desk. Can we call them exciting new opportunities? Today the role of a tech CIO seems to have morphed into a more challenging role where he needs to think of business by leveraging the available technology. The end result is evident from the improvement in patient outcomes.

Robust IT platform in health care is the need of the hour. Today, pizzas can be tracked and delivered online but what about the patients and medicine? As of today, our investment in IT is very low, despite the fact that we are aware of its immense potential. According to WHO, just the use of mobile to support achievements of health ojectives has the potential to transform the face of health service delivery across the globe.

The health care data needs to flow in a more meaningful way where it can be accessed by all the players – the hospitals, providers and the patient. Given the inequity in distribution of healthcare infrastructure (26 percent of hospitals are squeezed in 7 metros that cater to only 7 percent of the Indian population), the solution lies in telemedicine, remote diagnosis, remote ECGs. This issue takes a look at the IT segment in healthcare and we have interviewed some of the CIOs and IT heads in hospitals and the industry that delivers IT solutions.

Stem cell banking is fast catching the imagination of urban, middle class parents, who want to secure their child against future health conditions. In the nine years since the first stem cell bank opened, its awareness has grown. With less than one percent of the annual births being covered by this sector, the future hold immense potential. We look at this exciting growth story in this issue.

The Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) is being organised again in New Delhi. This is happening after ten years. We take a look at the highlights of the much awaited conference. India continues to be one of the worlds largest growth markets for dental products and services. The Indian dental equipment industry is valued at over USD 116 million, the dental care services at USD 1.16 billion and oral care market at 1.8 billion. The Dental Congress will certainly add wings and vision to the governments plan of Oral health care for all by 2020.

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