Nitin Bindlish

Nitin Bindlish, President of Corona Dental Labs, in conversation with Shahid Akhter, ENN, talks about his latest venture in oral healthcare in the form of Corona Dental Labs that is poised to stand out among dental care providers

Nitin Bindlish

Nitin Bindlish
President of Corona Dental Labs,

How do you view the oral care infrastructure in India?

Indias infrastructure for oral healthcare is constantly improving, thanks to the introduction of new technologies and a greater awareness among consumers, not to mention the expanding market potential that has resulted from these developments.

In 2012, more than 1,80,000 dentists were practicing in 1,25,000 registered clinics. Each year, roughly 25,000 graduates emerge from Indias 297 dental schools (140 of which offer post-grad courses in dentistry) to enter the job market. Over 90 percent of Indias dental professionals work in and around Indias major cities.

As Indias middle class expands, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about dental services and solutions. This is reflected in the acquisition and use of higher- end dental technologies, equipment and consumables to meet the demands of Indias consumers. The trend is also driving domestic R&D programs to develop world-class solutions that can compete on a global stage.

Indias healthcare infrastructure offers huge investment opportunities in both urban and rural localities. An indication of the opportunities that exist is visible in the need for roughly 1.8 million hospital beds, 1.54 million doctors and 2.4 million nurses by end of 2025.

Please tell us about the emerging trends in oral care market.

The last decade has seen significant change in the way that oral healthcare services are provided in India. Substantial improvements have occurred in education, infrastructure and clinical standards, and in service delivery. The changes have been driven in part by rapidly changing demographics, particularly the growth of the middle class and the general rise in incomes. These changes are behind the emerging trends we are seeing now.

Knowledge Enhancement: Generally, healthcare providers are gaining a greater awareness about the importance of clinical hygiene and sterilisation. Additionally, the Dental Council of India (DCI), which sets guidelines for Indian dental clinics and dentists, has suggested changes to Indias Clinical Establishment Act. Once approved, the new guidelines will also help to improve the minimum standards required for dental clinics. These changes are leading dental professionals to invest more in clinical hygiene and sterilisation equipment.

“We will establish Corona Dental Labs as a serious competitor through quality, attractive pricing, warranties, loyalty programs and the efficient and timely delivery of our products.”

Health / Dental Insurance: After the liberalisation of economic policies, a number of private entities began to offer health insurance plans, which sometimes include dental benefits. However, less than 10 percent of the population is currently covered by health insurance. We expect to see growth in the insurance market in the coming years.

“Indias healthcare sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent to USD 158.2 billion in 2017 from USD 78.6 billion in 2012”

India as manufacturing hub: Indias dental equipment and appliances market is currently worth nearly USD 90 million and registers an annual growth rate of 10 percent. Some believe that the growth rate for dental technology will double in the coming years. Foreign companies are starting to invest in India by establishing production units here. And India is now supplying dental equipment and material to countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East.

How do you visualise the opportunity for Corona Dental Labs to cater to the Indian market?

Corona Dental Labs is very enthusiastic about opportunities in the dental market, as we are aware of the growing demand for more sophisticated solutions at a competitive cost, especially in the area of cosmetic dentistry.

There are several differentiators that will ultimately allow dental care providers to distinguish us from our competitors. For example, our lab is supervised by a senior prosthodontist who carefully and consistently monitors the work of our technicians to ensure that it meets the expectations of our customers and their patients.

We adhere to a very strict protocol for sterilisation. We allow only authorised personnel to enter the lab and when they do so, they must be fully attired in sterile shoe covers, lab coats, mouth masks and head covers. A special entrance is designated for their entry to further reinforce our sterilisation protocol.

We are offering products developed from the most advanced CAD/ CAM technology that are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically superior. We have a varied product range in materials that include acrylic, zirconia and maxillofacial silicon.

Finally, we will establish Corona Dental Labs as a serious competitor through quality, attractive pricing, warranties, loyalty programs and the efficient and timely delivery of our products. We understand that constant communication with our customers is critical for the success of our relationships, and we are putting special emphasis on this.

How would you refer to the demographic trends increasing demand within India and globally?

In India, rising incomes have translated into a greater awareness regarding health care, dental care and the elective options now available. Pair this awareness with a greater purchasing power, and you see an increased demand for longer-lasting, more sophisticated solutions. Dental professionals are aware of this and they take patient concerns and demands into consideration when administering treatments. For example, dentists now take greater care to preserve the site of an extraction so it can serve as host for an implant. Patients know about implants and they can afford them, so this factors very much into the way we go about our business. They must be satisfied with the products and the care they receive, and we make every attempt to ensure their satisfaction.

Demonstrated in numbers, Indias healthcare sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent to USD 158.2 billion in 2017 from USD 78.6 billion in 2012. That represents an opportunity of enormous proportions, and we are positioning Corona Dental Labs to take advantage of this opportunity.

A rise in the global demand for cosmetic dentistry and a growing interest in dental tourism will definitely have an impact on the Indian dental market. The global dental industry is looking to Asian markets as a source of growth and were sure to see this play out in the years to come.

Please share some details on the range of high quality prosthetic and orthodontic products that you intend to deliver?

We use the finest materials and the most advanced technology to produce beautiful, durable prosthodontic and orthodontic solutions. We provide the best quality products and our range is very exhaustive, covering nearly all the products required by dentists for their patients.

In prosthodontics, our products include CAD/CAM fabricated metal-free crowns and bridges, implant custom abutments, implant-supported hybrid dentures, cast partial dentures, flexible dentures, precision attachmentbased prostheses and silicone-based maxillofacial appliances. In orthodontics we cater to both active and passive appliances “ namely, retainers, bite planes, myofunctional appliances like bionators and Frankels appliance. Our high-quality maxillofacial products use medical-grade silicone from international manufacturers such as Dow Corning. Our maxillofacial products are stained intrinsically and extrinsically for the best possible match with the patients own skin.

We count world-class suppliers such as 3M, DENTSPLY, Bego and Ivoclar Vivadent among our partners.

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