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Dinesh Lodha
Dinesh Lodha
Vice President & Business Head, HME (Health and Medical Equipment)

Dinesh Lodha, Vice President & Business Head, HME (Health and Medical Equipment) Division, Samsung, in conversation with Shahid Akhter of ENN, talks about the new wave of innovations in healthcare being rolled out by the company

Dinesh Lodha
Dinesh Lodha
Vice President & Business Head,
HME (Health and Medical Equipment)

Since the launch of HME Business in India in 2013, Samsung has strengthened its presence in the Indian healthcare market. Please elaborate.

HME division of Samsung was set up globally in 2009 but the Indian chapter was initiated more recently in 2013. Presently, our product line can be divided into categories of ultrasound, in-vitro diagnostics, digital radiography and mobile CT. In the near future you can expect the launch of several new products in other categories as well.

We have merged and absorbed competencies from various healthcare companies like Medison, Nexus, Prosonic, etc. Moreover, we have initiated digital radiography, in-vitro diagnostics, 5D technology in ultrasound from our own R&D labs.

Your overview of the Indian healthcare market ?

Today innovation is the buzzword and the healthcare industry reflects it. Healthcare is among the fastest growing industries with tremendous scope for innovation and quality delivery with greater reach to the rural areas.

Samsung endeavors to make it more patient centric and thereby infusing greater trust between care givers and patients. We can assure better quality treatment and thus saving money.

In India, the key lies in the understanding of the principle of affordable and quality delivery with a strong reach.

India is the second most populous country in the world, healthcare services falls significantly short of the demand and the solution lies in innovative medical technology that can bridge the demand supply gap. More precisely, in rural areas, healthcare delivery is far from adequate.

We also need to be more flexible in order to adapt to the changing health needs and be prepared for the risks that may arise in future.

The Public Private Partnerships in health care is laudable. The steps initiated by the government need to be carried forward to achieve health for all goal.

In India, the key lies in the understanding of the principle of affordable and quality delivery with a strong reach

Indian healthcare is urban centric. We do have world class doctors and top notch hospitals with best of facilities but they cater to a small fraction of the population. It is high time to focus on providing good medical facilities in urban areas. Regulations are needed to provide impetus to life the population that lies at the bottom of the pyramid.

How would you profile your healthcare products and what makes them different? How does it impact the end user?

Samsung endeavors to develop products with certain cherished values like accuracy (in diagnostics) which matters most in healthcare, next comes the ease of use or user friendly products that are fast (time engineering is vital) and equally acceptable by way of design and style.

Our approach is patient driven and we focus on health management rather than disease management. We always aim at total customer satisfaction through high quality of products, professional and customised approach to each customer, prompt after-sale services and unmatchable application support. Our relationship with customers will grow stronger with the wide basket of products on which we are working right now.

Our focus is to offer quick, easy and accurate diagnosis

Some of our existing products include: ULTRASOUND 5D: Samsung has introduced the worlds first 5D technology enabled ultrasound equipment UGEO WS80 A. While 5D NT enables realistic visualization and automated measurement of NT images that helps to detect Down Syndrome; 5D LB allows for easy, automatic detection and measurement of fetal bones.

Volume NT/IT technology reduces the average scan time by 50 percent, OVIX Mirror View and Volume Slice technologies further provide faster diagnosis, while the HD led monitor provides flawless image even with minutest details.

IN-VITRO DIAGNOSTICS: Immediate results (shortest TAT between 7-20 minutes depending on the model and the test conducted), accuracy (clinically proven) and prompt services (RMS), space saving compact designs.

DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY: Our equipments offer the best quality output with very low dose radiation, fastest patient throughput, ease in user operation and patient positioning, integrated automatic exposure control to reduce patient dose and dose area product for reporting and monitoring the same. It also offers advanced applications like smart dual (dual energy studies) for chest studies and smart stitching for full spine and long bone changing.

How well is Samsungs after sales service addressed?

Our service network is quite strong. It covers 97 percent of the geographical area of our country. Our infrastructure is quite capable of addressing the problems that may crop up. For instance, we are well equipped with back end support by way of spare parts and the network of distribution system. Our service professionals are well equipped and trained in this direction. Moreover, our training is so diverse that trouble shooting becomes easier. Our academy is recognised as Indias most extensive training facility

Your approach to telemedicine or mHealth ?

Given the diverse topography of India ,telemedicine is an ideal solution and mHealth is of great importance. We are levering on mobile technology to focus on mHealth. All our healthcare products have digital capabilities and this translates into immediate tele transmission anywhere in India. This aspect comes handy and useful to the population in remote areas who are being served through telemedicine.

We have also introduced advanced solutions to help in improving the efficiency in OPD & IPD. Patient Companionâ„ is a Wi-Fi based bedside nurse call system with a motivational dashboard for patients. The other one CARE Qâ„ has been positioned as a low cost mobile station to utilize time of patients, while waiting in the OPD.

How have you addressed the safety features and low dose radiation in your products?

Patient safety is our prime concern. Samsung DR systems ensure the best image quality at the lowest radiation dose due to Samsungs most advanced detectors and unique post processing algorithms. Its Soft handling function revolutionises the way users operate X-ray devices as they need only a little amount of energy to move around the THU (Tube Head Unit).

What challenges you face in Indian healthcare?

Challenges are all about seeking solutions and we are working in this direction. It is important to see the right harmony and relationship between doctor and patients. There is need to bring transparency in medical treatment so that the patients have clarity about their course of medical diagnosis and treatment. Transparency ensures better flow of information, efficiency, productivity and it also helps clinicians to get on with caring of patients.

Why should one prefer Samsung products over others ?

Samsung offers an integrated solution in the field of healthcare. We have an entire range of products and solutions spanning from air conditioners, mobile devices and solutions, display and IT solutions, which along with our healthcare products and solutions can provide onestop solution for hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostics chains, and such.

Where do you see Samsung HME five years from now?

In pursuit of excellence and with the vision to establish ourselves as worlds leading medical device company, we are already on the right path. We continue to give shape to innovative technologies in healthcare with the mission to promote smarter, patient centric healthcare solutions.

We believe that in near future we can emerge as market leader by the year. We look forward to becoming one of the top tier medical equipment manufacturing companies within the next eight to nine years.

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