As surgeries become less invasive and medical science progresses, the Operating Rooms too are changing to reflect this. Today, surgeries involve collaboration among various specialists working on a single patient, creating a demand for Hybrid Operating Rooms (OR). MAQUET, with its expertise in building ORs, provides an attractive option for the same


The world of surgery is currently undergoing a change to reflect the advances in medical science. The explosion of knowledge that the advances bring has led to minimally invasive surgeries, with specialists in multiple branches of medicine providing their own expertise to the surgery, respectively. In fact, surgeons nowadays increasingly prefer to per- form minimally invasive or open procedures in Hybrid Operating Rooms (ORs), which transcend medical disciplines and boundaries while enabling specialists like cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons to collaborate in performing a surgery.

Clinics nowadays are constructing Hybrid ORs equipped with angiographic x-ray systems. This is of benefit to the patients undergoing cardiac and vascular surgery. It can- not be underestimated with regard to risk minimization that it offers.

Surgical equipment manufacturer MAQUET offers support to planning and implementation as well as to the protection of a clinics investment that install Hybrid ORs.

With more than ten years of experience, MAQUET is a global leader in the planning and designing of inter- disciplinary Hybrid ORs. MAQUET has carried out over 150 projects around the world, working in close collaboration with imaging equipment providers like Philips , Siemens and Toshiba in Healthcare Sector.

MAQUET`s Hybird OR solution features modular, radio-translucent surgical tables synchronized with state-of-the-art angiographic systems, all designed for use in sterile environments. Interventionalists and surgeons can conduct a wide range of treatments and examine their results using angiography in a single room without delay.

The high-performance Hybrid OR is attributed to its phased and intensive planning and construction. It takes anywhere from 6 to 18 months to build a Hybrid OR. The challenge is to combine the many individual medical systems to form a single, holistically functioning system.

In both, planning as well as implementation phases, clinics greatly benefit from MAQUETs many years of experience ­- from room classification, the room concept and configuration, to the viewing concept.

MAQUET supports clinics, architects and planners with its extensive knowledge and useful tools through- out all planning stages. MAQUET provides a 3D simulation of the desired Hybrid OR during the very early planning stages using its OR3D visualization software.

This contributes greatly to the transparency of the project. Using the 3D presentation of the OR, the customer can check the positioning of various devices and check and modify the workflow. The 3D presentation can also serve as the basis for a cost estimate.

Explaining the approach, Bhavesh Y Bhatt, General Manager, MAQUET says, Our most important concern is to ensure optimal work processes in the new Hybrid OR for all user groups. This is why we place such importance on workflow consulting during the planning phase.

Getting everyone involved at an early stage makes all the difference.The operating room can only be equipped to optimally cater to everyones needs if it is clear from the onset which departments will ultimately make use of the Hybrid OR.

 “With more than ten years of experience, MAQUET is a global leader in the planning and designing of interdisciplinary Hybrid ORs” 

MAQUET offers custom-tailored Hybrid OR products for a perfectly configured operating room – from a single source: from Modular OR VAR- IOP , OR lights and ceiling elements with integrated x-ray protection to operating tables, systems for OR integration (for image and equipment control), Anesthesia workstations and heart-lung machines to name just a few. In this way, MAQUET sets up its fully integrated Hybrid OR in collaboration with manufacturers of imaging equipment.

The heart of the Hybrid OR is the operating table and the angiographic x-ray system. The 360 degree radio-lucent and extremely flexible operating table by MAQUET turns the Hybrid OR into an interdisciplinary OR: the MAG- NUS operating table system can be adapted to meet the requirements of cardiology, heart surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedics.

Besides optimal workflows and the technical interaction of all devices, MAQUET also focuses on creating an attractive workplace and an appealing atmosphere. This involves the use of products that support ergo- nomic working methods for surgeons and surgical staff. In addition, colors, lights and wall images are used to create a pleasant and positive work- ing atmosphere.

In the design of its Hybrid OR, MAQUET pays particular attention to the integration of sustainable products and future-proof solutions. This is why the company has opted for the use of flexible wall and ceiling elements to enable quick retrofitting at all times.

In addition to the provision of VARIOP wall elements for the occasional overnight conversion, all products – including the OR table and the OR integration system – are modular so that they can also be retrofitted whenever necessary.

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