J K Ansell Widens Scope of Barrier Protection

J K Ansell

ansalMedical imaging has contributed to significant advances in healthcare delivery, leading to better health outcomes and reduced diagnosis/intervention time. Technology that was once unimaginable is now the medical standard of care. Today it is difficult to believe if many diagnosis/ intervention procedures can be possible without advance medical imaging techniques. We are living in a medical era referred as the minimal invasive-technological revolution of unprecedented innovation in medical care. In less than a generation, imaging methodology has advanced the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of myriad diseases.


With advancement in technology, now the surgeries are carried out with the help of fluoroscopic imaging. Its amazing, now healthcare professionals need not intervene patient every time to see the internal ailments. By using fluoroscopy imaging they can view the internal structures by just viewing it on the screen! exclaim Ranju Mohan, Director and Business Head at JK Ansell Ltd. There is a surge in demand for imaging in daily practises due to growing multi discipline usage in hospitals. The interventional procedure team is repeatedly exposed to radiation during routine use c-arm fluoroscopy in operation rooms and cath labs. Increased use of intra-operative fluoroscopy exposes the surgeon to significant amounts of hazardous radiation.

Fluoroscopic imaging is aids in multiple medical disciplines like orthopaedic, urology, gynaecology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and orthodontics. Fluoroscopic imaging helps the healthcare professionals to do surgery with higher precision but the exposure to radiation is a matter of concern for the healthcare professionals. Adverse effects like skin necrosis, leukemia, and genetic mutations can occur due to exposure to radiation. Multiple clinical studies and review has affirmed that hands, especially finger tips are one of the most exposed organs during imaging procedures.

With an objective to protect the hands that care, JK Ansell has introduced Radiation Attenuation Gloves in India. Ansells radiation Attenuation Glove has been well accepted US and now JK Ansell is proud to introduce this protection solution in India. Organization aims in introducing all such hand barrier solution which can minimize bioterrorism/ionized radiation risk. Stochastic and deterministic effects due to ionized radiation are cumulative in nature and should be neglected as one time small duration exposure. Patient is exposed to radiation only once while a healthcare professional is routinely exposed due to occupational demand. Ansell being a socially responsible organization has used bismuth oxide against lead as attenuating agent, which is eco friendly as no special bio-medical waste management is required. Other than special bio-medical waste treatment lead is also considered to be a toxic material and must be avoided in healthcare system. Moreover, lead being a heavy metal also compromises with the dexterity and precision of medical procedure.


Ansell Radiation Attenuation Glove is designed keeping in mind the practical utility of glove that enhances dexterity and comfort levels without compromise on protection index. Healthcare professionals who are routinely operating under fluoroscopic imaging will be able to operate more number of cases as the exposure rate to radiation will be decreased on hand by new Radiation Attenuation Gloves. We believe that this product further strengthens our position in Indian market as a leader in barrier protections and this time, weve widened the scope to the protection of healthcare professionals during fluoroscopic imaging, affirms Ranju.

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