February 2014

STERRAD Bridges all Gaps

Dr Parag Sancheti
Professor and Chairman,
Sancheti Hospital

Today technologies play a vital role in improving patient outcome. For example, patient can undergo an arthroscopic procedure and return home within a day.
With such advancement in every technology, patients outcomes have greatly improved in surgeries across different fields including orthopedics. This has become possible due to advancement in the surgical procedure from open to MIS. Also joint replacement surgery is possible with computer navigation which has substantially increased the accuracy of the surgery.
Sancheti Institute for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Pune, India, is one of the examples of a cutting edge technology based hospitals which renders in highly specialized services in all areas of orthopedics. The major areas include Joint replacement, arthroscopy, spinal surgery, rheumatology and arthritis, shoulder surgery ,plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurology, hand and microvascular surgery, faciomaxillary and dental surgery with sports injuries and so on, making it one of the largest super-specialty with all the orthopedic sub-specialties under one roof.
Whilst, today when hospitals have become the high-tech centers of giving treatment and healing the patients with state-of-the art infrastructure and technologies, hospital associated infections (also called nosocomial infections) has become one of the critical focus areas for the healthcare industry. As Dr Parag Sancheti, Professor and Chairman, Sancheti Hospital says, Infection has always been a major concern in orthopedic surgeries and therefore infection prevention and control is particularly important at a specialized hospital treating a high volume of orthopedic surgical patients. Infection rates have to be lower than 0.5percent which is the gold standard where our efforts are focused to be there. Sterilization plays a vital role in achieving the same as post operative. We have successfully implemented several efficient and effective processes to address the issue of infection prevention and control. While we are proud of our low infection rate at Sancheti Hospital and the effects of our current anti-infection program, we must constantly make every effort to improve our infection control practices and associated patient outcomes.
Now with the complexities involved in these surgeries and with the high volume of surgeries, infection control and prevention have become very important in orthopedic surgeries. Dr Sancheti added, we have a dedicated infection control team who regularly uates infection rates and set protocols to achieve the best standard in controlling the same. Continuous education is been imparted to fellow doctors & the nursing team to achieve best standards of patient care.
To cure and avoid such infections, there are different kinds of sterilization products available in the market and there are many new and old companies both which are trying to tackle with such problems by bringing out the best of the product. One of such products is the STERRAD technology, India which is helping as a tool in improving the patient outcome. Recently the same technology was installed in Sancheti Hospital. Dr. Sancheti believes STERRAD NX is the latest state of art technology when it comes to sterilization. Its a low temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilizer. Conventional sterilization methods have several limitations with respect to high volume orthopedic setup where fast instrument turnaround, safety and sterility of devices like arthroscopic, cameras, fiber-optics, etc are absolutely essential. This is where STERRAD bridges all gaps with its short cycle time of 28 minutes helps to do surgeries without any delays and most importantly this equipment has helped Sancheti Hospital to achieve 100 percent sterilization of surgical instruments when it comes to devices like arthroscopes & cameras.
To contact Dr Parag Sancheti:
parag@sanchetihospital.org Dr Parag Sancheti


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