February 2014

Perfint Healthcare Reaches New Milestone

The medical technology company, Perfint Healthcare is a world leader in planning and targeting solutions for image guided interventional procedures – with an emphasis on oncology and pain care


Kindly share with us the technology, services and benefits offered to patients under the Perfint healthcare.
Perfint Healthcare is a world leader in planning and targeting solutions for image guided interventional procedures – with an emphasis on oncology and pain care. In recent years, Interventional Oncology [IO] has emerged as a new discipline offering effective treatment of many malignant tumors with minimally invasive techniques. IO procedures include tumor ablation using needles or catheters, targeted chemo-embolisation, radio-embolisation etc. These procedures have the benefits of being image guided, minimally inva-sive, targeted using instruments, outpatient procedures with survival rates comparable to surgery at significantly lower cost to the patients. And for a service provider, the time to start an IO practice is significantly less. In numerous cases in the liver and lung, IO offers an opportunity to treat tumors when they are not surgically operable. In several other cases, IO achieves the destruction of tumors with fewer complications and more rapid recovery than traditional methods like surgery. We also see an increasing trend where IO is performed in combination with surgery or Radiation Therapy or Chemotherapy.IO is also used as an effective palliative therapy. However like other oncology therapies (surgery, chemo and radiation) residual tumor and recurrence are not uncommon in IO. That has probably got less to do with the science of IO and more to do with the way IO is performed today. Inadequate visualization, tumor segmentation, procedure planning, inaccurate needle placement, inadequate verification of the procedure “ are all challenges that the practitioners of IO are today faced with, that limit the efficacy of IO. And thats where we are assisting physicians. For example ancompletely ablating the tumor and the desired margin should lead to lower same-site recurrence . Our flagship product MAXIO helps physicians acquire CT images, see tumor in 3D, plan to place one or more instruments safely, treat the tumor by accurately placing these instruments (needles) using our robotic targeting system and finally verify the treatment using image registration. This workflow is significant upgrade to current practice – leading to enhanced patient safety and accuracy, while reducing procedure time and reducing radiation, particularly during complex procedures that involve ablation of large tumor(s) using multiple instruments and where complex angulation is involved to avoid critical structures and to achieve adequate tumor coverage. This helps achieve consistent procedure quality across skill levels. Our robotic targeting system, ROBIO, is increasingly becoming the preferred choice when it comes to PET-CT guided interventions and for CT guided paincare procedures.

Case studies of successful installations of technology 

India “ Global Health City, Chennai Product installed “ ROBIO EX No. of procedures done “ 100+


Australia “ Alfred Hospital, Melbourne Product “ ROBIO EX / MAXIO No. of procedures done “ 30+

Malaysia UMMC Product “ MAXIO No. of procedures done “40+



Affordability is a huge factor for healthcare. What efforts has Perfint made to ensure that the cost is not passed to the patient?
At Perfint Healthcare, our vision is to work with physicians to improve quality of life of those fighting cancer and pain. One of the first steps for achieving this vision was to bring affordable technology to both the Doctors and the patient. For this our leadership team made certain key strategic decisions that helped create affordable solutions: A globally renowned KOL panel helped identify, uate and select from several clinical choices available for cancer and paincare.We have set up a globally located advanced technology team while disciplined product development team happens at our product development center and at our partner locations in India. While these keep the cost of technology development low, the fact that we are helping physicians perform a less expensive procedure better than without assistance is the more important contributor to lower cost of cancer care.

What has the response and demand in India been till now?
Perfint Healthcares products are installed in over 100 clinical sites globally. Over the last couple years we were focused on expanding our global foot print. With unprecedented technology investment in the healthcare sector in India and with increasing rate of incidence of cancer in India, we have refocused our efforts to serve patients in India. We work closely with teaching hospitals, oncology Care centers and tertiary hospitals to impact the quality of life of patients.

How does the company plan to expand in the near future?
Perfint Healthcares expansion plans can be defined as both Solution perceptive and Market perceptive. While we continue to increase our focus on facilitating complete treatment, we are targeting a 4-dimensional growth in the field of Interventional Oncology & Pain care, these are “ geography, organ, imaging modality and procedures we support. We are awaiting regulatory approvals to enter China, USA and Japan and we hope to be in these markets from 2014. We are working on solutions that would assist Ultrasound, MR guided procedures. We are working on procedures that involve substances like drugs, radioactive material etc. We will work on solutions that target organs in anatomical regions beyond the liver, lung and kidney in the future.

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