Computerised Radiography

With features of superior image quality delivered by a unique cassette drop-and-go buffer “ the latest needle based CR technology coupled with a powerful software promises high throughput for digital workstations

This next-generation computed radiography (CR) solution excellent image quality with high detective quantum efficiency and also supports a smoother workflow. The Agfa Healthcare DX-M comes with MUSICA2 advanced image processing software for consistently high image quality and enhanced details. The DX-M can be used as a centralized or decentralized digitizer in the radiography department, supporting general radiography as well as digital mammography. As the reader unit can also be used with general radiography detectors, the DX-M is ideal for healthcare operations with a tight budget that wish to achieve high image quality in their X-ray imaging. A significant dose reduction feature for all studies – particularly neonatology and pediatrics, where dose reduction is crucial is a value-add for clinics and hospitals for general radiology.

The next generation gold-standard Multi-Scale Image Contrast Amplification (MUSICA) image processing software comes with new technology improvements that enhance both image quality and workflow for radiographers and radiologists. They can now get more diagnostic information from their images, with a high level of detail in the mediastinum, sharp trabecular and cortical bone, a balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structures, visualization of subtle details in the abdomen, and a true representation of implants with clear bone interfaces. The next generation of MUSICA uses a new Fractional Multi-scale Processing (FMP) to increase detail.

Excellent Flexibility
Powered by the ability designed to handle both needle-based detector plates (NIP), as well as standard phosphor plates (PIP), the systems offers outstanding flexibility for general radiogradiography. Needle-based technology delivers the high image quality demanded for mammography studies. Its mammography dedicated needle-based detector is compatible with existing mammography modalities, allowing you to continue to use your existing mammography X-ray systems. With no additional costly expenditure, your facility can move smoothly from having analog to digital mammography capabilities.

Suitable Segments
General radiography
Digital Mammography
Orthopaedics “ extremities
Pediatrics and neonatal
Full Leg / Full Spine

Closer to your patient

In pediatrics and mammography, the cassette-based workflow makes it both effective and efficient. The cassettes allow easy positioning of your patient – a major advantage when working with children – and makes the system ideal for portable applications, such as in neonatal intensive care. The drop-and-go buffer and fast preview eliminate waiting times and facilitate a continuous workflow within the department. The five-cassette drop-and-go buffer can handle a mix of different sizes of both needlebased detectors and standard phosphor plates. The automatic cassette handling makes the CR system highly productive and user-friendly.

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