December 2013

IRIA 2014: Better Imaging for Healthier Lives

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Dr Bhupendra Ahuja

The annual conference of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (IRIA) opens a window of opportunity to learn and update themselves on the latest technologies, innovations and success stories says Dr Bhupendra Ahuja, organizing chairman, IRIA 2014.

Please share with the highlights of this year annual conference?
As global and national think-tank experts, doctors and practitioners descend in Agra for 67th Annual Conference organized by Uttar Pradesh state chapter on January 23-26, 2014, the association is excited as many new initiatives have been taken to ensure each participant gains knowledge on the latest advances on radiology & imaging technology. In all we have designed the conference, exhibition to attract more participation from the PG students and doctors in private practice as they are extremely tied up in their daily work routine to acquaint themselves with new advancements.
We have received this year, 600 oral presentation, 480 poster presentations which is a very encouraging response. We are going to 25 e-stations as kiosks and 25 PCs and laptops with categorized presentations and papers for the delegates to browse and read through. We have also developed a mobile application wherein there will be regular updates on the conference sessions, speakers profiles and questions can be posted on the session that will be displayed on the screen live. In addition to the technical sessions, we are taking the initiative to define the reporting standards and protocols for radiologists, so that each radiologist who reviews the images and scans should have their reports in a uniform reporting standard.

Please share some insights on the themes of discussion in the scientific programme?
We have changed the pattern of thematic discussion from purely systemic to a blend of modality-based sessions. The agenda has an esteemed list of speakers from 180 faculties of which 45 are from other countries. The discussion will be around the technology advancements that are prominent in the radiology and imaging in India. In CT technology, we have observed lately that there has been an increase in the number of slice capacity from 120 to about 256 slice, so we have an renowned speaker to guide us through this recent advancement and understand is the CT slice technology is help or hype. Secondly, we are talking of the latest technology in MR technology which is functional MR “ as till now all aspects of imaging was about the structures of the organ and the drawback was that we could not assess the functional features. Newer technology in ultrasound will also be discussed like 3D and 4D ultrasound and as PET CT and PET MR are new arrivals in radiology space, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges in this technology as well at the event.

What are your views on taking high quality radiology services to rural areas?
We have to install good hospital set IRIA 2014: Better Imaging for Healthier Lives ups in the rural areas especially upgrade our primary health centres as imaging and diagnostics needs come from clinical practice and hospital infrastructure. Thus health infrastructure is a predecessor for imaging centres to reach out to patients in the rural areas. We are encouraging all states to have their own annual CME or conference each year; so that the radiologist community is mobilized across the state on annual basis and the workshops will educate the radiologist and PG students on the latest technology arrivals each year. Such workshops can also be held at district and taluka level to reach out to wider population of radiologists across the state.

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