Virtual Dissection Table

Himanshu Bhatt , MD, KS Biomed Services

With the new method of doing dissections on virtual cadavers, medical students can experience surgery and get view of more in-depth images of the human body virtually

The worlds first life-sized 3D interactive virtual dissection table technology, The Anatomage Table, was created by Anatomage Inc, USA, in partnership with Stanford Medicines Clinical Anatomy Department, California. K S Biomed Services, an established multi-specialty organisation from Ahmedbad Gujarat has taken most awaited initiative to bring this amazing technology to India.
The Virtual Dissection Table is a 7 foot life-sized touch screen anatomy visualisation table. It allows users not only to view but also interact with realistic 3D structures of the human body, offering detailed visualisations of every aspect of human anatomy. With this new method of doing dissections on virtual cadavers, students can experience surgery and get view of more in-depth This cutting-edge technology will help raise the standards of medical education with in-depth virtual human anatomy dissection studies images of the human body virtually. For anatomy courses without cadavers, The Virtual Dissection Table offers the most realistic virtual cadaver. This cutting-edge technology will help raise the standards of medical education to the next level with in-depth virtual human anatomy dissection studies.

This cutting-edge technology will help raise the standards of medical education with in-depth virtual human anatomy dissection studies

Surgeons Benefit Too
The virtual dissection table has completely new way of doing virtual exploration of the human body which allows them to explore live rare medical cases through uploading CT or MRI images of patients with complete dissection facility live on virtual table for surgical planning for the first time in medical history. It is also possible to simulate pathologies on table.
Plenty of case studies have been conducted on the way that The Virtual Dissection Table has impacted medical institutions and most of the research shows the table has immense future potential, and has thus far been implemented in various medical institutions throughout the world. Currently, over 55 institutions worldwide use the table.
Being the first of such a 3D virtual dissection device, leaves a lot of room for adding more data and modifying the device based on user feedback. The future of studying anatomy seems to be going towards more virtual anatomical exploration, but this device could also lead to having more usefulness than textbooks for various departments of medical institutions in India.
Of course, one possible constrain in India is the cost of the table, but if medical institutes consider its following features, it is worth having as part of Virtual Skill Laboratory for which even the Medical Council of India is recommending all medical institutes.
Excellent way of repeated Anatomy education
CT-MRI image uploading of real live cases for surgical planning
Surgical planning of critical cases
Life-saving surgical procedure planning
Patient counseling for critical surgery consent
New future upgrade in same Table once installed
Himanshu Bhatt, Managing Director, K S Biomed Services is very optimistic about this revolutionary Virtual Dissection Table. The buzz and popularity of this product is growing at a fast pace with each CME being participated by K S Biomed in different medi- Himanshu Bhatt cal institutes all over India. MD, KS Biomed

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