Keeping Health on the Right Track

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SAP has recently released TracOHealth that tracks the health of children using HANA platform under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) on the UIDAI platform. Mathew Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Industries, SAP India Pvt Ltd talks to Monalisa, ENN, about the initiative.

There is a huge gap between demand for healthcare and delivery of services. There is a gap of 2.2 million beds and we are aspiring to fill that gap. This is separate from normal CSR related activities.

Solutions from IT

There are two aspects of IT solutions. One is about enabling a robust backend, which optimises and improves the financial management, supply chain, inventory management. SAP has great expertise in that. The second aspect is about managing operations through information management systems which are industry-specific solutions, such as patient management, clinical management, electronic medical records, collaborative e-care management, etc.

These solutions provide you the data required. But how do you utilise that data is the bigger question. Expending information through mobility platform is a good idea as it enables two-way communication. Creating a software infrastructure to run or manage the data is again going to be an expensive thing. Cloud is a good platform to host this data “ state-wise and district- wise. Instead of putting money in building application, it can be utilised in strengthening the application.

Infant Mortality

We have created a pilot with three districts in a northern state in India covering 45000 students. The governments aim is to reduce the number of deaths per thousand infants. If we are able to capture that information, it shall help the government reduce that number. We gave a data capture device to NRHM facilitators who capture the raw data. This is EMR. They captured demographic data, and the diseases that are prent in a village or a particular community.

This application is called TracOHealth. It is at POC stage, but the app is available. It can be leveraged into various things, for instance, tracking vaccination, nutritional deficiency, and diseases. HANA delivers the speed of tracing this information.

TracOHealth, powered by SAP HANA, will empower our customers to deliver new and innovative services to address current challenges in real-time without disrupting their business operations


The TracOHealth is aimed at allowing an inclusive approach to better collaborative outcomes in the area of child-health. The solution helps in maintaining all the health related information for a lifetime of every child across India. Further, TracOHealth leverages the power of Aadhaar (UIDAI) to uniquely identify beneficiaries and has been designed with the ability to work even in the remotest corners of the country. Powered by SAP HANA, with both web and mobile interfaces, TracOHealth provide real time analytics that help health authorities optimize resource utilization.

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