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Hisar to get Haryanas first Digital Broadband

Optima MR 360


Dr. G. R. Gupta’s Manglam Imaging Centre and GE Healthcare, a leading provider of imaging technologies announced the launch of Haryana’s first 1.5T Digital Broadband MR system –GE Optima MR360 Advance 1.5T. The MR360 Advance Digital broadband MRI provides superior high definition image quality and addresses the demand for, increased patient comfort, increased productivity and reduced total cost of ownership under GE’s guiding principle of ‘Humanizing MR’.

“I am proud to be the first adopter of MR360 Advance 1.5T in Haryana. This exciting new technology will be a real boon to the physicians and patients of Hisar and surrounding regions. The digital broadband 1.5T 60cm bore MR has a patient appealing design, acoustic noise reduction technology and adjustable patient table which will be a boon to the patients undergoing the radiation free MRI. This system will help us achieve excellent image quality and patient comfort .The system can diagnose brain, spine, Musculoskeletal and Liver diseases, and enable body imaging and early detection of cancer. Most of the 1.5T MRs have conventional analog copper cables to carry images from the magnet room to the equipment room. While doing so there is a loss of data, referred to as Noise. In this new MR system, the data will now be carried using optical fiber cables which will significantly reduce noise and improve image quality. I am privileged to be the early adopter of this world-class MRI system†said Dr. G. R. Gupta, Director, Manglam Imaging Centre, Hisar. Incidentally, the Manglam Imaging Centre was the first in Haryana to provide MRI services to the public in 2002.

“MRI is used to image some of the most complicated diseases in the human body and image quality plays a vital role in diagnosis. MR technology has continuously evolved over the last 25 years that I have been practicing MR. I saw the MR360 Advance system at RSNA 2012 in Chicago and was highly impressed with its digital broadband premium technology, enhanced applications like IDEAL IQ for needle free liver fat & iron quantification and low total cost of ownership. I am happy that GE is introducing this system in India and also very delighted that Manglam Imaging Centre in Hisar will be an early adopter of this system in India†said Padma Shri Dr. Harsh Mahajan, President of IRIA & Founder of Mahajan Imaging, New Delhi.

Improving clinical confidence through digital broadband technology

MRI uses radio frequency (RF), audio frequency and static magnetic fields to visualize detailed structures of the human body. Conventional MRI systems use analog components for the signal acquisition and processing needed to produce images of the human body. The analog components and processes limits the quality and clarity of clinical images required for accurate diagnosis of a disease or condition.

MR360 Advance comes with GE’s 16 channel Express coil technology that was designed to be intuitive and easy for technologists to use while improving image quality. This is also paired with a new low-height table for easy patient access, even for larger patients.

MR360 Advance is designed to feature the OpTix Optical RF technology, which offers high channel count, analog to digital signal conversion where it matters – inside the scan room to minimize noise and signal degradation, but away from the patient to enhance comfort and safety. OpTix provides up to 27% higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) over conventional, analog signal receivers, improving image quality and clinical confidence. Reduction in signal to noise ratio leads to high definition, superior quality clinical images needed for informed decisions on some of the most difficult patient procedures like neuro, cardiac applications, etc.

Humanizing MRI

MR360 Advance is a premium 1.5T system that is designed to enhance the patient’s MR experience while improving productivity and clinical confidence. This system’s technologies is engineered to skillfully balance and refine workflow capabilities, and offers a broad array of clinical applications, while improving the patient’s MR experience.

GE MR’s Caring Design is welcoming for the patient and intuitive for the technologist; the exclusive Needle Free Suite of clinical applications can help reduce the need for biopsy, contrast, and sedation for patients. The system is intended to offer 16 channels and newly designed RF coils that further improve image quality and productivity.

MR360 Advance is engineered to use ecomagination-certified technologies like efficient gradients, water-cooling, super capacitors, and a Power Distribution Unit, reducing power consumption by 50% as compared to similar premium 1.5T competitor MR systems. With all of these ecomagination features, these systems are intended to lower the total cost of ownership while still delivering excellent clinical performance.


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