Cloud Computing Ensures Flexibility and Agility

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Sadanand Reddy, Managing Director, Goldstar Healthcare Pvt Ltd, has decades of experience in modern hospital management and has contributed significantly to the development of HIS. In conversation with Ekta Srivastava, ENN, he talks about the power of Cloud

Please tell us about the Hospital Management and Information System, developed by Goldstar?
Goldstar Healthcare Private Limited has developed complete comprehensive Hospital Management and Information System that provides end-toend modules/features. The solution is developed on latest Microsoft dot net technology supports on MS SQL database and addresses all the departments in the hospital. The modules are integrated with each other based on the functionality.
GHMIS is designed as per functional facet and divided into three categories of modules namely: Main modules, Support modules and Enterprise modules.
All the modules are integrated based on the desired functions as: patient administration, patient clinical care, ward management, resource management, financial management, HIS reports.

With over two decades of exposure and experience in healthcare, how do you visualise and uate the IT transformation?
If we look at 10 to 15 years back, HMIS means only billing software either Out Patient or In Patient Billing some places registration and doctor appointments.Today the healthcare industry is undergoing a substantial transformation and is progressively more looking to improve service delivery under the impact of an evolving end user profile, disease patterns and increasing healthcare costs. According to research firm Frost & Sullivan, a large number of healthcare facilities in this region are leveraging Information and communication technology (ICT), to boost service delivery and improve ROI.
Cloud Computing and Cloud Services not only addresses the challenge of rising healthcare costs by significantly reducing capital expenditure for healthcare providers, it also provides them with the flexibility and agility they require in the dynamic Asiacover Pacific market. The global market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.0 percent to reach USD 56.7 billion by 2017 from USD 40.4 billion in 2012 due to the significant demand for clinical information technology, administrative solutions and services. The major factors driving the growth of the HMIS Market across the globe are rise in pressure to cut healthcare cost, growing demand to integrate healthcare systems, high rate of return on investment while using healthcare systems, government initiatives, rise in aging population, growing demand of CPOE adoption in order to reduce medication errors, and rise in incidences of chronic disorders. However, a few factors restricting the growth of the market are the fragmented nature of the HCIT market, high initial cost of HCIT solutions and high maintenance cost of the HCIT systems.

In what way do you assist in enhancing operational efficiency?
Our team of experts, who has extensive knowledge more specific with healthcare sector with various discipline will assist on the healthcare projects from inception till commissioning. The focused approaches that provide innovative solutions to the customer and the entire process shall be monitored through our collective approach.

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