Boosting the Power of Speed Dialing

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Bipul Parua, Co- Founder & CTO, Knowlarity Cloud Telephony Software Solution, shares his views with Ekta Srivastava, ENN, on solutions that are helping reduce response time during emergencies and on other healthcare IT developments.

Could you please share an overview of the solutions that Knowlarity system India is offering to the Indian healthcare industry?
Speed dialing is a great option but there is a limit on the number of people you can put on speed dial. Knowlarity provided a solution that was remarkably simple. A recorded message is speed dialed to ten contacts at the press of a button. The recorded message can be customised to provide details about the patient – ward no, name of the attending doctors, type of illness “ any information that would help getting things moving fast during Code Blue situations Knowlarity offers Cloud Telephonic solution. We have been doing telephony with the intelligence of the Internet and real time information. So you can set up any receptionist for your organisation then it will automatically forward the call to the intended person and you can see all the things in real time at your desktop and they can be sending into your mobile also. Even you can see all the things that are happening in the organisation in your mobile.

How has the Health IT market evolved in India in the past five years?
It has lot of automation, in terms of medical devices and in terms of how the patients record is access. So now with the IT what being done is like if I go to the hospital and have to check any report, I will get an sms in my mobile and can directly access the report in a particular website. It is helping in making information regularly available and in real time, like whenever it is needed. And yes the healthcare IT market is growing very fast.

Talking about the four broad segments of the Health IT market “ Software, Hardware, Infrastructure and Services “ where does Knowlarity System India fall in?
We provide a Cloud solution and we can replace their existing telephony hardware with our cloud solution. It will be a combination of services plus infrastructure also. We will replace the telephony infrastructure to bring to our cloud, so that they can do it in more efficient way and providing the services to the other.

What are some of the advantages that set Knowlarity System India ahead of its peers?
In terms of technology, reliability, scalability, service and the feature we are far ahead of the other companies. If you come to us we have solutions for integrated healthcare software. It very nicely plug in to the system.

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