Blending Technology with Personalised Care

The vision and commitment of Bomi Bhote, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic, has transformed the hospital into an internationally recognised destination for healthcare. An engineer at heart, he shares the growth story with Rachita Jha, ENN

Please tell us about the journey of Ruby Hall Clinic Pune?
Ruby Hall was founded by Dr Grant in 1959. He started with two beds and today we have more than 700 beds. Over the years we have raised our hospital according to the changing demands. We began with internal medicine department and gradually expanded to radiology and cardiology departments. The number of ICU beds has considerably increased, and so have the rooms. Today we have more than 130 beds in ICU alone. Recently, we have seen cardiology coming up in a big way in the city.

We are looking at starting a 150-bedded dedicated cancer hospital at Amanora Park, Pune, where we will offer more radiation-driven treatment modalities

Please share your views on the adoption of technology at Ruby Hall?
We have built this hospital with the vision that no patient should go abroad for medical need. An engineer at heart, I wanted all the latest technologies, equipments and treatment modalities to be available under one roof. I also wanted that doctors use IT to have round-the-clock access to their patients medical records, as they are on the move and should be able to view reports of MRI, CT Scan, Angiography, etc, anywhere, anytime on their iPads.
We have always been ahead than others in the adoption of technology. Today, we have close to 400 computers in the hospital and most of the documentation is in electronic format. We are trying for all our documentation and electronic records to go on Cloud. We have begun with MIS. We have now developed inhouse expertise on the best suited IT solutions in partnerships with IT vendors. The cost benefit of IT adoption has been enormous. The major saving is on the plugging of pilferage and loss control, which bring major profits for the hospital.

What are your expansion plans?
We have plan to expand within Pune itself. This includes one hospital at Hinjewadi, since that part of the city has no hospital. We are also looking at starting a 150-bedded dedicated cancer hospital at Amanora Park, where we are adding four linear accelerators and another PET scan machine and have more radiation-driven treatment modalities.
We have plans to set up a new hospital for the upper class and overseas patients who want healthcare services on a priority basis. Also our hospital at Wanowri is already functional. 60 to 70 percent of patients come from outside Pune, from peripheral areas and other parts of Maharashtra. So we have 12 peripheral diagnostic centres located at various cities across Maharashtra. These are small set-ups with CT, MR, OPD facilities so that our consultants can go and conduct OPDs. This helps us to reach out to a larger set of population.

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