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In terms of revenues and employment, healthcare is one of the Indias largest sectors. The sector is now expanding rapidly. A substantial part of the total healthcare spending in the country is being done through the private sector. Some of the most popular hospitals in our cities are being run by the private sector. There are many factors that have attracted private investors to hospital based healthcare business. The primary factor is related to the rise in demand for hospital care in India.
Since independence in 1947, life expectancy in India has more than doubled, rising from 28 years to 69 years in 2009. The economic growth of the last fifteen years means that a substantial part of Indias population can now afford to spend more on healthcare. In the coming decades, larger proportion of the households is expected to move from poverty, and there will be more people using the services of modern hospitals. On several occasions the central and state governments have taken decisive initiatives in facilitating the expansion of hospital chains.

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