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Dr. BhujangPai

World-Class-Medical-Display-SystemWe can see even the tiniest details with the utmost precision “ which is a must, of course, for accurate diagnoses


SevenHills Hospital in Mumbai, India, calls itself a health city. The 17 acres of land, where SevenHills is located, features a hospital for patients, residential accommodation for doctors and staff, an academic and research institute and a business and convention center. This innovative concept perfectly fits the ambition of SevenHills to become one of Asias largest “ and most advanced – healthcare institutions.

SevenHills uses only world-class technology. At the Department of Imaging, Department Head Dr. Bhujang- Pai insisted on choosing Barco medical displays on account of his past and favorable experiences. Barcos Nio 2MP and 5MP diagnostic displays and MDRC clinical review displays that the hospital purchased under a recent PACS project with Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. ensures the level of detail required to deliver first-class healthcare services.

Mumbai-based facility of Seven- Hills is a relatively young hospital, inaugurated in August 2010. The spacious new health city in Mumbai offers a diverse range of medical, surgical and diagnostic services under one roof. With expert doctors and surgeons from India and different parts of the world, the hospital has more than 30 specialties. It is renowned across India and beyond for the quality of its pediatrics, pathology, cardiology and neurosciences and for its radiology department, amongst many other disciplines.


The power of technology

The doctors, surgeons, nurses as well as the management and administrative staff at the new SevenHills branch strongly believe in the power of technology. Besides featuring state-of-the-art medical equipment, SevenHills Hospital has a built-in electronic medical records system, making it a paperless facility. It also has a unique pneumatic tube system for transportation of lab samples, medicines, etc. across departments and floors within seconds. The PACS system provided by Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. and the accompanying Barco medical display systems at the Imaging Department perfectly fit this hi-tech strategy.

Extremely impressed with Barco It was Dr. BhujangPai, Head of the Imaging Department, who brought Barco to SevenHills: Before joining this hospital upon its opening in 2010, I had been heading up the radiology department at the Hinduja and Lilavati hospitals here in Mumbai and the Holy Family hospital in New Delhi. Barco was the reference beacon for medical displays there. I had been working with them for years and had always been extremely impressed with their quality and ease-of-use. Dr Pai suggested that the purchasing department, the management and his colleagues at SevenHills invest in Barco. Fujifilm India took care of a smooth installation and the Barco training sessions got everyone started quickly. As I had experience of Barco and the systems are very user-friendly, training was not really a must, yet it was much appreciated, the doctor said.

Multitude of medical imaging applications

Today, the SevenHills Imaging Department features six Nio 2MP-2H and two Nio 5MP-2H diagnostic display systems, which are used for a multitude of medical imaging applications – from MRI and CT scanners and ultrasound and color Doppler through to fluoroscopy, mammography, digital X-rays, etc. With a resolution of 1600×1200 and 2048×2560 respectively, the Nio displays bring high brightness, exceptional crispness and an excellent viewing angle. The high luminance and contrast of the Nio 5MP makes it perfect for imaging applications like X-ray, MRI, angiography, computed tomography and mammography.

Besides the Nio series, SevenHills Hospital also uses the Barco MDRC- 1119 clinical review display. Its highquality LCD panel presents medical images with good contrast, high brightness and a wide viewing angle. Ensuring DICOM compliance To ensure consistent DICOM images, Barco built in Advanced Backlight Output Stabilization (BLOS) technology into its Nio and MDRC medical display systems.

This technology ensures that maximum brightness is available as soon as the display is switched on and it continuously stabilizes the luminance output of the LCDs backlight, resulting in longtermimage consistency. Another distinct asset of the Barco systems is the MediCalQAWeb software for automated DICOM calibration, Quality Assurance, display asset management and problem-solving. The system performs automated, intervention- free luminance checks at login and monitors luminance degradation over time. If the display no longer meets the DICOM standards, users are automatically notified.

Under all lighting conditions Barcos efforts to ensure the best possible medical images are bearing fruit, as appears from the enthusiasm at SevenHills: We can see even the tiniest details with the utmost precision “ which is a must, of course, for accurate diagnoses.

What I particularly like is that it is even easy to report with ambient light now.

The changing ambient light conditions in a reading room can indeed influence a displays performance and the radiologists ability to detect subtle information. Barcos technology ensures the displays DICOM compliance even in changing ambient light conditions. On top of that, the systems are reliable, the radiology head added. We havent had the slightest issue since we started using the display solutions, over two years ago.

Definitely more Barco!

Dr Pai and his team are so happy that they would love to welcome more Barco medical displays in the future: Our department
is growing all the time. When new monitors are needed, we definitely want to go for Barco again.

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