Alzheimers Affects Women More Quickly

A study reveals men can stave off the effects of Alzheimers for longer than women, whose condition deteriorate faster when affected by the disease.


The study found that women suffering from Alzheimers deteriorate faster than men, even when both are apparently at the same stage of the disease.

The findings suggest that women sufferers show greater loss of their mental faculties than men, whose brains are better at coping with the ravages of the disease.

The stage of progression of Alzheimers is measured using general tests, such as those based on behavior, the Daily Mail reported. More detailed tests, such as verbal skills tests, on sufferers who were at an apparently equal stage of the disease suggested men have an advantage in coping with its effects. A man with Alzheimers consistently outperformed women sufferers in detailed tests of memory and even verbal ability, where healthy women normally have the advantage.


Study Says 206 Million Indians Use Smokeless Tobacco

Having nearly 275 million tobacco users, India ranks second globally and very close to China (approximately 301 million users). But unlike China, where nearly all are smokers and nearly 95 per cent smoke manufactured cigarettes, India accounts for more of smokeless tobacco users ” 206 million, says a study in The Lancet.

The study analysed the data from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) conducted between October 2008 and March 2010. The data from 14 low and middle-income countries that collectively contribute to most of the disease burden attributable to tobacco use was compared with that of the U.K and the U.S. The number of people surveyed was different in the case of each country. India had the highest number surveyed, both of men and women.

Chewing tobacco accounted for almost all of the smokeless tobacco consumption in India. Various forms of loose-leaf chewed tobacco are commonly consumed in the Indian subcontinent, states the paper. Smokeless tobacco use is particularly prent in India, Bangladesh, and in Thai women. In the case of India, 23 per cent of men were smokers during 2008-2010. This is comparable with the percentage seen in the U.S. and slightly higher than the U.K figure.

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