August 2012

The miracles of technology


Ravi-Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd.The infiltration of information technology in healthcare has led to a surge in the use of tablets and iPads by doctors. Accessing medical reports online or on smart phones, equipped with latest medical apps, has become a common practice among healthcare professionals across the globe. With the emergence of this trend, there is a growing need for integration of these services with the hospital information system or electronic medical record systems installed at the hospital. But, the hospitals need to evolve ways of protecting the patient data from illegitimate access. The cover story of this issue highlights the role of ICT in making advanced electronic medical records a possibility, today. Experts share their mindset on how hospitals can ensure security of their patient data.

Going further, the tech trends section of this issue focuses on the evolving trends in Computed Tomography scanning. CT scan is far more detailed than ordinary X-rays. The trends have evolved from blur to clearer images thus helping doctors to diagnose any disease in a much better way. The story majorly highlights technology from the radiologists eye, who believes that the information that a surgeon is supposed to see after operation comes out without a single stitch on the patient body in a vivid manner. The accuracy is what the images are aimed at by the vendors, from resolutions to 3D images, diseases are far easier to diagnose.

Healthcare managers play a vital role in managing complex activities within hospitals. From doctors to managers, the undying spirit of these professionals to deliver quality care is increasingly visible. Despite awareness and information rolling all over the internet, the idea of maintaining and managing a hospital is, by far, left stranded. The special feature on hospital operations and management gives throws light on the role of an ideal manager, who strives through all odds just to see a smile on the patients face when discharged.

The Speciality section talks about the latest technology trends and research in the field of Dentistry. The Secretary General of the Indian Dental Association, Dr Ashok Dhoble, has highlighted some key initiatives that are happeningacross the country in Dentistry.

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