With increasing healthcare costs and increasing number of chronic diseases, the unhealthy lifestyles and ageing populations has become one of the biggest threats. In order to curb such implications and improve the stakeholders in the healthcare system the epi-centre of healthcare ” how it is produced, dispensed and consumed and paid for ” will move beyond the two traditional places it has been delivered, to where the patient is. The healthcare is now being planned to deliver in diffused settings through tele-health, home-care and self-management by patients. And to succeed, payers, providers and life-science companies will need to tune their business models to meet patient requirements. The patients are empowered by transparent information, mobile technologies and online platforms.  It is estimated by Mobihealthnews, that by August 2012, on the iPhone alone there will be more than 13,000 consumer health applications and about 6,000 apps aimed at medical professionals. Smartphones are now triggering more applications to target chronic patients to enable education, monitoring, disease management, communication and analysis of data and so on.  At a time when drug patent expiries and pricing pressures make growth challenging, healthcares move to the third place in the Governments agenda will make the system more efficient, transparent and valuable to patients and other stakeholders.

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