UK health service to dismantle nationwide health IT program

Government officials in the United Kingdom announced that they are scrapping a £11 billion [about $17 billion] national health IT project, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Officials said that some of the £6.4 billion [about $9.9 billion] spent on the health IT project so far has been wasted and that the program “is not fit to provide the modern IT services,” that the National Health Service needs.
The move comes after the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee published a report stating that the health IT project is “beyond the capacity of the Department of Health to deliver”. The report particularly criticized the implementation of a system that aimed to help doctors and nurses track patients as they moved through the hospital. According to the report, there were “major delays” in the development and rollout of the system.
The U.K. Department of Health said that future IT decisions will be made at the regional level and that more vendors will be allowed to compete for health IT contracts.
In addition, the UK government is establishing a new cabinet-level oversight committee that will monitor future health IT investments to ensure funds are not wasted.


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