Paper Abstract
If science is the critical aspect that helps in the progression of humanity by
understanding the intricate processes that co-mingle together in different
aspects of life, it is very essential that students of every generation be made
aware of this. Discrimination of parting this knowledge based on economic,
social and racial status burdens the progression of scientific knowledge. If one
believes that sciences is not essential for having a standing in the society as a
citizen, then it is an excusable notion to promote that one can get away
without knowing science. Particularly, the next generation of citizens will carry
this burden of scientific uncertainties to break new frontiers and discover and
invent new things not only for the sustenance of individual but also for the
survival of humanity. Hence it is essential for youngsters to open up their minds
for this incredible knowledge base of sciences, in particular the field of
biomedical sciences on which the life depends upon.
Science beyond text book is not normally an aspect that is impressed upon
young minds. This might be one of the strongest reasons why students at an
early age, loose interest in sciences and scientific endeavors as they are
impressed upon by this notion that sciences are hard to come to terms with and
the returns or payoff are less. Unfortunately in this monetary gains based
culture that is impressed upon by parents and teachers, students shut the
doors in their minds to even think about science and scientific fields as
something worthwhile pursuing. Science is not just reading a text book,
following the syllabus and getting good grades in an exam. Science is
something that will reason and provide answers to many of the mysteries. If
this notion can be brought upon to the students at an early stage, the future of
science will be in able hands. If science is only for the select few, the
discoveries and progress in biomedical sciences would come to a halt. It is the
responsibility of the teachers, educators and even parents to show that science
is exciting and


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