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SYSMEX CS-2100i/ CS-2000i: available with aggregation technology

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Coagulation station CS-2100i / CS-2000i is a fully automated blood coagulation analyzer which is equipped with an optical fiber that supplies light at five wavelengths and a detector capable of receiving light in multiple wavelengths ( multi-wavelength detection). The CS-2100i / CS-2000i is able to simultaneously measure multiple parameters using coagulation, chromogenic, immunoassay and aggregation methods. Salient Features New Multi-Wavelength Detection System The CS 2100i/CS 2000i is capable of simultaneously measuring multiple parameters using clotting, chromogenic , immunogenic and aggregation methods more accurately. It is a true random access system with 10 channels independently testing. HIL Detection System Using Multi-wavelength technology, a pre-analytical check for interfering substances in the sample ( Hemolysis, Icterus, Lipemia) is also performed prior to sample testing. Multi-Dilution Analysis function The CS-2100i/CS-2000i provides multiple dilution ratio functionality, which is especially useful when the presence of inhibitors is suspected. Aggregometry on Routine Analysis CS-2100i/CS-2000i with its advanced technology enables user to incorporate aggregation in a routine run, using reaction cuvette pre-loaded with a stirrer bar to accurately measure platelet-based Ristocetin Assay. Automatic Reflex testing When a pre-set condition is programmed, the CS-2100i/CS-2000i will automatically perform another test parameter to provide further information on the abnormal sample. Automatic Repeat, Re-analysis and Re-dilution For samples exceeding set limits, the CS-2100i/CS-2000i will automatically perform re-analysis and re-dilution as programmed, ensuring reliable and accurate results. STAT Sampling Option The CS-2100i/CS-2000i is provided with an option for running STAT samples as well as an interrupt function for emergency testing. Extended Calibration System The CS-2100i/CS-2000i provides a maximum of 12 data points for each calibration performed, for a maximum of 250 assay parameters, together with keeping 10 calibration sets per lot of reagent and upto 10 lots of reagents per parameters. Methodical QC System An highly reliable system of QC checks using either K-control, Levey-Jennings or Multi-rule (Westgard Rules) monitoring is offered with a maximumof 1,200 data points being stored at any one time. Simultaneous Test Analysis CS-2100i/CS-2000i has the capability of carrying simultaneous analysis of routine and specialized test parameters to maximum of 60 parameters.

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