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Radiia launches radiology second opinion service

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Radiia is a new online service that provides a second opinion on results from medical imaging. Patients can securely upload a variety of radiology exams, including MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, mammograms and ultrasounds, and receive detailed second opinion reports. The reports are prepared by Radiia’s board-certified subspecialised radiologists, each with at least 10 years of experience. “This service breaks new ground in consumer healthcare,” said Gregory Goldstein, MD, Radiia’s founder and president. “Giving patients direct access to highly skilled board-certified radiologists has not been done like this before. Medical imaging plays a central role in medical care today, and patients have an important say in who provides their healthcare and where they receive it. Radiia gives patients the information and confidence they need to help them and their physicians make the best treatment decisions.” Because the service is provided online, it is available to patients anywhere in the world. The reports include detailed anatomic descriptions and focus on the patient’s or the doctor’s specific concerns. The experts at Radiia can compare a patient’s scan to previous radiology exams, make helpful recommendations based on correlations between the scan and medical history, explain the findings to the patient and/or physician, and rate the quality of the scan. The fee structure currently reflects a significant discount, which lasts for a limited time (until September 1, 2011). The discounted price for an MRI, CT scan or mammogram is $200, with a fee of $100 for an x-ray or ultrasound. Expedited service and phone consultations are available for additional fees.

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