Care Delivery through Innovative Technology

Care Delivery through Innovative Technology

e-Hospital Govt Fever Hospital

Fever Hospital and NIC APSC, Hyderabad


  • On-line realtime availability of the patient records acorss the hospital
  • Elimination of wastage of medicines and hospital consumables, with increased accountability
  • Automatic reporting for disease surveillance

Patient care is provided on round the clock basis by the hospital, with the innovative use of information and communication technology. Patient services used to be affected as there used to be more documentation work. Nurses used to spend more time in writing manually in the registers rather than patient care. The project was started to improve patient care and reduce patient waiting time. It was initiated to eliminate time consuming documentation procedures and provide low cost and open source technologies.

Medicines and their prescriptions are made online. Online indenting and supply of medicines, diet, etc., to patients and timely administration. It has made use of technology easier for hospital staff without any prior computer knowledge are now able to operate themselves. It provides innovative user interfaces requiring minimum entries.

No typing work for nurses, lab-technicians, doctors is needed as only with a few clicks they could perform their job. No physical paper movement and associated delays in getting supplies and information to serve the patients from wards to labs, pharmacy, etc, is required.


e-Mamta: Name based Mother and Child tracking application

State Rural Health Mission, Commissionerate of Health


  • ANC registered in first trimester increased from 56 to 64 percent
  • Increase in institutional deliveries from 76 to 85 percent
  • Improved reporting of maternal deaths from 589 to 702 over previous year
  • Improved reporting of infant deaths from 4732 to 7263 over previous year

e-Mamta mother and child tracking web based application is uniquely designed management tool being uted in Govt. health facilities across Gujarat to accommodate for gaps in ensuring comprehensive maternal and child health services in rural as well urban areas.

e-Mamta is accessed through user id and password for in-department employees. It is credible tracking system that would enable health workers to reach above mentioned goals in accelerated fashion, as the issues of migration, low service demand, duplication of reporting afflicted MCH service delivery are removed.

The system aims at life cycle approach, registering every individual pregnant mother, individual children in the age group 0-6 and adolescents (10-19 yrs) alongwith their full service uptake details to ensure complete service delivery of ante natal care(ANC), child birth, post natal care(PNC), Immunization, nutrition and adolescent services and to track the left outs of these services.

Pregnancy, Child Tracking and Health Services Management System

Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare, Rajasthan


  • Reduction in the IMR from 63/1000 live births to 59/1000 live births
  • Antenatal coverage increased from 27.5 to 55.2 percent
  • Immunization coverage increased from 48.8 to 53.8 percent
  • Institutional Deliveries increased from 45 to 70 percent

Pregnancy, Child Tracking and Health Services Management System is an online software which was launched on 15th Sept. 2009. It is a unique e-Governance project ever implemented in the health sector. Monitoring of individual pregnant woman for health care as well as every child was not possible earlier through manual systems.

The system is extremely useful in minimising maternal mortality, infant mortality through providing real-time information and data to the service providers at the different levels of care and thereby ensuring the utilisation of the reproductive health services by the community. Feedback is given to the service providers at the village block and district level through this software system.

The objective of the PCTS is to improve the health of the pregnant women and Infant and thereby reducing the maternal and infant mortality and also achieving population stabilisation.

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