Sleeping, taken in a much lighter sense in today’s busy and hectic life can prove to be very harmful if done so for long. Psychological effects like depression and hallucinations are only extensions of problems such as heart diseases and lack of concentration. In this frantic schedule where we doze off while working on the laptop and have forgotten the meaning of a nap, knocking our doors to provide us a good night sleep is the TEMPUR range of mattresses, beds and pillows which have already been declared the most highly recommended ones in America. With the NASA developed pressure relieving material manufactured only in their company-owned production facilities using the proprietary formula only known to a handful of individuals, TEMPUR promises to eliminate painful pressure points, letting you mean it when you wish a “goodnight”. Driven by the passion to provide a better sleep, TEMPUR seeks to push the comfort levels to heights where you can let your spine and joints relax in their natural positions which results in an undisturbed sleep. It’s when you are tired and have decided to completely let go that TEMPUR supports you by conforming to the posture of your body, whichever it may be. It aims at fitting you so well that you don’t find the need to move again for a better position. Also, the focus remains at reducing pressure from all your body parts so that each part of your body enjoys a peaceful sleep without feeling the need to be repositioned to a better posture. The Country Manager TEMPUR, Puneet Verma said, “The existing 7 showrooms with 3 more lined up and the launch of our Cloud mattress planned in August this year, we are continuing to expand ourselves. Along with this, we aim at making people more aware of the importance of sleep and consequently minimising health risks associated with improper sleep so that they wake up every morning to a fresh and regenerated self.” The tossing and turning we do to attain maximum comfort during our sleep is clinically proven to be reduced when using a TEMPUR mattress. It has also earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation. This makes it a favourite in the medical sphere where about 75,000 medical professionals recommend it worldwide. To keep you in the most fit position while you sleep away your night peacfully TEMPUR mattresses adapt to the slightest curves of your body so that your spine stays in its perfect position of being straight as your heavier body parts sink in lower and lighter ones do not. When sharing a bed, TEMPUR mattresses promise to reduce the chances of letting you know when your bed partner shifts in the bed or leaves it. The TEMPUR pillows are specifically designed in different shapes and sizes to suit any position, even abdominal sleep to mould itself perfectly to the exact contours of your neck and shoulders and also to give you a therapeutic sleep posture. The TEMPUR accessories include car comforters and transit pillows which can be used on your car seat or can cradle your neck when you need extra back support and be pushed up and down. TEMPUR strives to provide you such relaxation during your sleep that the chances of any other ill effects are automatically minimised. It understands that sleep is a basic psychological necessity and can help you regain energy and vitality. It thus offers the root features for a restful sleep leaving you both feeling rejuvenated when you wake up and eliminating the chances of any further problems associated with improper sleep and the lack of it. Ensuring that you sleep comfortably night after night working through your tight-scheduled days, TEMPUR brings to you a healthy and lively self every morning when you wake up.

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