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New MRI machine eliminates claustrophobia

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Loyola University Health System now offers a powerful new MRI machine that can scan a leg or an arm without many of the usual inconveniences. Most MRI machines are tubes that are 5- or 6-feet long. Patients lie inside for about 45 minutes. In the extremity MRI, the patient sits in a comfortable reclining chair and inserts his or her arm or leg into the machine. The extremity MRI, available at the new Loyola Center for Health at Burr Ridge, will benefit patients who for various reasons cannot be scanned inside enclosed-tube MRIs. For example, some patients experience mild to extreme feelings of claustrophobia inside MRI tubes. And patients with conditions such as back pain and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cannot lie flat on their backs. “With this innovative scanner, we can accommodate extremity imaging for patients in a manner that is efficient, comfortable and effective,” said Dr Scott A. Mirowitz, chairman of the Department of Radiology at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Tim Then of Hinsdale, who needed an MRI after he hurt his elbow doing chin-ups, could not be scanned in a conventional MRI machine because he could not position his arm correctly while lying inside the narrow tube. Loyola’s extremity MRI is from GE Healthcare and is named the ONI MSK Extreme

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