eHEALTH Bureau There is an urgent need for atleast 500 medical colleges in India and that too in the next five years, urged the Medical Council of India (MCI). Further to that the MCI has also recommended that the proposed new medical colleges can be established now with a minimum requirement of only 10 acres of land and more than 250 students. This recommendations have come when the country’s current rules only allows of establishing a medical college with minimum 25 acres of land and 200 students admitted every year.According to Shiv Kumar Sarin, Chairperson , MCI, the council has given the central government certain recommendations and the government is urged to look into the matter. The council has also shared its views that the government should be more into the process of setting up medical colleges instead of only leaving it to the private sector to come up with proposals.The council also recommends of changing the student to bed ratio in collegiate hospitals to 1:5 from 1:8 and for smaller cities the hospital should be built within 5 km radius of the college. In small towns and cities, the hospital should be built within 5 km radius of the college, the Council recommended.All these proposals have come in time when the country currently facing a crunch of enough medical practitioners for its bulging population. Currently there is a shortfall of 7.5 lakh doctors which far behind in supporting the recommendations of World Health Organisation (WHO) which says there should be one doctor for every 1,000 people. As of now, there are 35,000 medical seats and 314 medical colleges in the country and if the proposed regulations are followed, 8,000-10,000 medical graduates would increase annually in the country to match up to the need otherwise it would take another 15 years to reach the optimum number.As per MCI statistics every year 4.5 lakh women die during child birth due to lack of trained medical staff. In our country each gynaecologists deliver 72 babies a day, our country produces 28 million babies a year.

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